MIPS Quality Payment Program Measures

CMS estimated that 87% of solo practitioners and 70% of small and mid-size groups will be penalized financially under MIPS.

The Intellicure Network estimates that 100% of its members will receive a bonus... ninety five percent of them will earn 110% of Medicare and a quarter of them will earn 122% of Medicare!

The Intellicure Network has aligned and fully integrated the capabilities of the Intellicure EHR, the U.S. Wound and U.S. Podiatry Registries, and Intellicure’s Central Billing Office (CBO)… creating the only single platform that addresses every aspect of MIPS and Quality Payment Programs for Wound Care Providers and Podiatrists… allowing them to thrive while actually spending less time than ever before on documentation!

Integrated Solutions

The only way to earn the Optimum Bonus under MIPS is to have access to the following integrated set of solutions:


A Certified EHR with…

  • Decision support logic aligned with quality measures from a Qualified Clinical Data Registry
  • Built-in Electronic Clinical Quality Measures (eCQMs) relevant to Wound Care or Podiatry

Quality Performance Tools and Benchmarking

  • Real-time monitoring and management of Quality Measures
  • Benchmarking performance nationally against peers in your specialty

Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR)

  • Access to a CMS-recognized QCDR focused on Wound Care and Podiatry
  • Measure Sets for your practice, integrated directly into your EHR

Billing Tools & Expertise

  • Integration with EHR in alignment with Quality Payment Programs (CMS and Private Payors)
  • Compliant billing & coding within changing regulatory guidelines

If a Wound Care Physician or Podiatrist follows the process designed by the Network, they will be assured success!