Speed Matters.

Intellicure has built the fastest wound care EHR on the market with IntellicureEHR 7.

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Wish you had a faster EHR?

IntellicureEHR captures the most wound data in the least amount of time.

Time = money. A slow EHR makes patients wait longer. A slow EHR drives staff crazy. A slow EHR causes lower productivity and ruins clinical efficiency. A slow EHR financially costs your wound clinic.

Intellicure has built the fastest wound care EHR on the market. How is it faster?

IntellicureEHR’s pages load faster than any EHR you’ve seen before, and the records you create are saved automatically without slowing down the software.

But it’s not just load times that make Intellicure the fastest EHR on the planet.

Intellicure’s natural wound charting method enables physicians to completely chart a patient during the encounter.  The robust wound records you generate with IntellicureEHR are favored by billers, coders, compliance officers, payers, and even auditors.

Meet the future of wound care. Click here to request a demo of the fastest wound care EHR on earth.

How much time does your EHR waste?

Inefficient EHRs waste time in myriad ways. One is the simple seconds it takes for each page or tab to load in the EHR. Let’s do some simple math to see how much time your doctors waste every day waiting for pages to load.
With IntellicureEHR, most pages load in 0.5 seconds. See for yourself, request a demo below.

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