Intellicure to Launch Wound Care EHR as App inside Hospital EHRs

The offering will be the first of its kind, significantly cutting costs and improving care at hospitals across America.

THE WOODLANDS, Texas (Feb. 13, 2019) — Wound Care centers across the country can soon lead the interoperable revolution by adding the top Wound Care EHR software as an app inside their hospital’s EHR, substantially improving continuity of care and lowering technology costs for hospitals.

Intellicure, the Wound Care EHR (electronic health record) pioneer, will soon launch its award-winning software as an “app” capable of being used inside hospital EHRs such as Epic, Cerner, Allscripts and Meditech.

“In the current climate, wound centers cannot survive using the generic hospital EHR. They must use a purpose-built EHR because the documentation needed to support and protect reimbursements is so detailed and precise, and so vastly different from the rest of the hospital,” said Sherrill Whyte-Wolfe, Director of Wound Care at CHI St. Luke’s Hospital in The Woodlands. “The problem is that hospital administrators have to pay a large expense to facilitate interface communications between the hospital’s EHR and the wound clinic’s EHR. It’s so expensive that many hospitals choose not to interface, creating two completely separate health records for the same patient being seen at the same hospital. This can cause major continuity of care problems. Intellicure is solving those problems.”

Intellicure has been accepted into the Epic App Orchard and is now navigating its validation process. In addition to Epic, Intellicure plans to offer an interoperable EHR app capable of being used inside of other hospital EHRs, including Cerner, Meditech, Allscripts and any other HL7 FHIR-capable EHR. HL7 FHIR technology is the standard for EHR interfacing and interoperability.

“This is how technology should be used,” said Dr. Caroline Fife, Chief Medical Officer of Intellicure and practicing Wound Care physician. “We are bridging gaps to enable us to share data and heal our patients collaboratively. The Epics and Cerners of the world have created incredible systems that have changed the healthcare landscape. We’ve always interfaced with them because we understand how vital interoperability is to patient care. We were the first to create a ‘Learning Healthcare System’ via interfacing, and now we’re taking the next step and becoming completely interoperable with them.”

Capable of being used as a Wound Care software app inside a hospital’s EHR, Intellicure’s software will automatically and instantaneously write and read patient information of all kinds back and forth with the hospital’s EHR. For example, when a hospital discharges a patient to its Wound Care center, the patient’s chart from the hospital’s EHR will be visible within Intellicure, which uses artificial intelligence to automatically provide diagnosis codes and treatment plans to the physician. Alternatively, should that patient be seen at the hospital for an unrelated matter later, the patient’s history and details from their Wound Care visit will be shown inside the hospital’s EHR. This capability is a first in the Wound Care industry.

“It’s a genuine win-win for all parties,” Whyte-Wolfe said. “Every hospital administrator with an outpatient wound center must consider Intellicure as its first EHR option.”

This news release was not reviewed by officials from Epic, Cerner, Meditech, Allscripts or HL7 prior to its publication.

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