MIPS is Getting Harder in 2019.
Intellicure Makes MIPS Easy.

How is MIPS becoming more difficult?

  1. If you fail MIPS 2019, Medicare will cut your reimbursements by 7%. If you failed MIPS 2018, (if you haven’t reported for 2018, you still have until March 2019 to report and avoid that 5% penalty! Click here to complete your 2018 MIPS reporting in ~35 minutes) your reimbursements will be cut by 5%.
    In 2019, that reimbursement penalty rises to 7%! MIPS has never been so important and costly!
  2. The minimum required score for MIPS doubles in 2019! Instead of just submitting a few easy Improvement Activities like you did in 2018 (click here if you haven’t yet done so), all Podiatrists will be required to complete and report IAs plus either Quality measures, Promoting Interoperability measures, or Cost measures in 2019.
    Intellicure automatically tracks and reports Quality measures for you, ensuring you’ll beat MIPS 2019.
  3. CMS now requires that you use a Certified EHR for MIPS reporting. Many Podiatry-specific EHRs are not CEHRT certified, and therefore not usable for MIPS 2019. Intellicure is certified. Plus, it’s very easy to switch to Intellicure.