The Podiatry EHR that makes MIPS easy.

Intellicure built its Podiatry EHR with top podiatric coders, ensuring you will maximize reimbursements while meeting CMS’s ever-changing standards for Quality data. You’ll always beat MIPS without even trying, saving you from the 2019 MIPS penalty that will cut 7% of your Medicare reimbursements. Plus, your documentation in Intellicure is always compliant in the face of audits, guaranteed.


Why do Podiatrists love Intellicure?


You get home at a decent hour.

Our natural, easy charting process can be done while with the patient, meaning you won’t have to chart after hours ever again.

You make more money.

Intellicure’s automatic documentation and automatic ICD-10 coding greatly minimize your charge denials, increasing your reimbursements from commercial payers and Medicare … and it’s guaranteed to always be compliant.

You beat MIPS without even trying.

We guarantee you’ll beat MIPS using Intellicure. We make it a nearly automatic process.

Automatic ICD-10 Coding

Stop under-coding just to avoid an audit. Get better reimbursements with our automatic, accurate ICD-10 coding. Compliance guaranteed.

You cut about 4 hours per day of staff labor.

Intellicure saves loads of time throughout your practice with a variety of tools, like easy supply ordering from within the chart, fast lab and imaging orders, a photo app, billing service, and the fact that our practice management and EHR charts are all within one system.

Switching to Intellicure is super easy.

No templates to make. No extensive training needed. You can be up and running Intellicure in no time.

Speak with a rep to see how easy it is to beat MIPS with Intellicure.

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“I highly recommend Intellicure to any practice or organization whose focus is that of exceptional care.”

— Desmond Bell, DPM Jacksonville, FL

Save 4+ Hours of Staff Labor at Your Wound-Podiatry Practice - Intellicure