Studies Hint that Wound Care Staff Spend Half Their Time in EMR

How much time do you spend every day in the EHR and how much time is with patients?

Many recent studies have covered the topic of clinical staff time allocation, but none have been conducted specifically with—and only including—wound care staff … unless we missed it.

However, a handful of studies may have included wound care clinicians among the participants. Even if they didn’t, these studies give us the closest look into wound care clinician time allocation, because while wound care generally involves more time spent in hands-on procedures such as debridements and dressings, it also requires more time spent in the EHR documenting wound details.

One study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine concluded that the physicians spent 49.2% of their time in the EHR and on desk work.¹

Another study published in Health Affairs concluded that physicians spend ~50.7% of their time in the EHR.²

And a separate study from the Annals of Family Medicine concluded that physicians spend an equal amount of time in the EHR as they do seeing patients, a 50-50 split.³

As the days of EHRs began creeping up on the wound care industry 20 years ago, wound physician Dr. Caroline Fife worked with her clinic manager to develop a wound care EHR that would help her spend less time with computers and more time with patients, while simultaneously producing robust, accurate wound care documentation. Imagine spending less time charting, but reaping the rewards of charts that would normally take hours to complete.

That EHR blossomed into the leading wound care software: Intellicure. If you haven’t seen Intellicure’s recently updated charting system, submit the form on this page to schedule a live demonstration.


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