Sophisticated Interfacing Specific to Your Practice

Fast and powerful interfacing that helps your practice run smoothly.

Admit, Discharge, Transfer Interface

The ADT Interface (Admit, Discharge, and Transfer) allows for patient demographic information to be sent directly from the hospital registration system into IntellicureEHR. This allows for patient registration to be completed in a single system and frees your staff from repetitive data entry and manual mistakes.

Detailed Financial Transaction Interface

The DFT sends patient charge information created in IntellicureEHR directly to your hospital billing system. This removes the need for manual charge entry and helps eliminate human error in the billing process.

Medical Document Management Interface

The MDM interface (Medical Document Management) sends documentation generated within IntellicureEHR back to your hospital’s EMR, including Epic EMR and Cerner, allowing you to store clinical documents in your existing EMR and eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming printing and scanning. Intellicure offers multiple file formats and methods of transmission.

Lab Interface

Intellicure offers the ability to send patient lab orders and receive lab results electronically, without having to leave the IntellicureEHR. Our Lab Interface also allows patients to access their lab results within the IntellicureEHR patient portal, improving patient satisfaction.
Our Interfaces help you stay compliant and protect the hospital and physician to ensure you’re protected in the event of a CMS or RAC audit.