About Intellicure

From humble beginnings, Intellicure has grown into a pioneer in healthcare technology.

Who We Are

Intellicure, LLC is a privately held medical software company located in The Woodlands, TX. Our world-class wound care software was developed originally as a wound care EHR by clinicians for clinicians specifically for use in chronic disease environments such as wound care centers. Our expertise and understanding in the wound care environment empowered us to create a technology platform that is built around physician workflow needs. Intellicure’s main offerings, IntellicureEHR and the Intellicure Wound Care App, provide clinicians the tools necessary to deliver evidence-based care, ensure accurate coding and billing, facilitate clinical research, and make life easier. Intellicure is also at the forefront of research and development in the Wound Care community, working alongside healthcare professionals and vendors alike. By providing enormous amounts of quality data, Intellicure is a valued resource in its industry. Intellicure partners with the Chronic Disease Registry, which operates the U.S. Wound Registry and U.S. Podiatry Registry, among others.

Our Mission

Intellicure’s mission is to help clinicians harness technology to optimize patient care.

2023: SMART App for Epic

Intellicure releases the first ever interoperable SMART app for complete wound care documentation inside of Epic. Now viewable in the Epic Showroom, Intellicure’s SMART App for Epic places Intellicure’s renowned wound care charting inside of Epic.

2022: SMART App for Cerner

Intellicure is accepted into the Cerner Code Gallery and launches its SMART App for Cerner, the world’s first complete wound care charting interoperable SMART app. The launch grabs the attention of media outlets across the globe and outpatient wound centers using Cerner quickly line up to preorder the Intellicure SMART App for Cerner.

2021: Nutrition Added to OrderTrak

Under the direction of Dr. Caroline Fife and in conjunction with DirectPatient.com and Nestle Health Science, Intellicure creates a unique service that identifies patients who may be malnourished and suggests nutritional supplements the physician can add to an online shopping cart for the patient to purchase at wholesale prices.

2020: IntellicureEHR 7 Launches

Intellicure launches a completely redesigned, restructured version of its wound care software: IntellicureEHR 7.

2019: Certified By Drummond for Third Straight Time

IntellicureEHR is once again certified by ONC and meets Certified Electronic Health Record Technology (CEHRT) standards for the third straight time.

2018: All Users Rank Among Top 10% in Quality

By using Intellicure’s Individual Quality Scoreboard and tracking their quality score progress via Intellicure’s Quality Dashboard and benchmarking, 100% of Intellicure-user physicians rank among the top 10% in quality scores in the first year of MIPS. This tradition continues today.

2017: The First Learning Healthcare System in Wound Care

Wound Repair and Regeneration, a leading wound care medical journal, recognizes Intellicure as a “Learning Healthcare System”, the first one in the wound care industry.

2017: Individual Quality Scorecard

To help wound physicians improve patient outcomes while simultaneously meeting new CMS measurements of quality care, Intellicure released the Individual Quality Scorecard: The first and only tool that identifies quality measures not being met in each individual encounter. As a result of using the Scorecard, physicians improved healing speed and improved healing outcomes of diabetic foot ulcers and venous leg ulcers by 10-11% after just one year.

2017: Intellicure Launches a Podiatry-Specific Version of the EHR

Intellicure launches a podiatry-specific version of IntellicureEHR. That same year, Intellicure is named to the Inc. 5,000 fastest growing private companies in America; the fourth consecutive year Intellicure enjoys the honor.

2016: Wound Care Billing

Intellicure launches its comprehensive wound care billing service for private practices and physicians.

2014: Contract Research Organization (CRO)

Intellicure begins to offer data analytics services as a Contract Research Organization for wound care.

2014: Creation of the Quality Dashboard & Quality Scorecard

Intellicure begins formulating and developing what eventually becomes the Quality Dashboard and Individual Quality Scorecard, tools clinicians use to track and improve their quality scores and the quality of their care.

2011: The Wound Healing Index

In conjunction with the US Wound Registry, Intellicure creates the Wound Healing Index, a digital repository of wound healing data capable of stratification and mining.

2011: Launch of OrderTrak

An innovative new tool is added to IntellicureEHR called OrderTrak, which helps wound care staff order durable medical equipment (DME) for patients directly from the chart with a single click. All justifying documentation is created automatically based on charting selections and sent directly to DME providers for processing and billing.

2011: Addition of “Cost to Heal” Models

A fruitful exercise in reading the tea leaves, Intellicure constructs a “Cost to Heal” model that evaluates and predicts the financial charges accumulated to fully heal an individual wound. This model would become further groundbreaking as CMS rolls out its cost reporting requirements later that decade.

2011: First Certification to ONC CEHRT Standards

Intellicure earns its first ONC (Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology) Certification, proving IntellicureEHR’s high level of data security and privacy and meeting CEHRT (Certified Electronic Health Records Technology) standards.

2010: Development of First Wound Care Quality Measures

In conjunction with partners, Intellicure develops the first quality measures specific to wound care practice. These measures were later approved and adopted by The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid for use in quality data reporting in CMS’s Quality Payment Programs.

2006: IntelliTrak Becomes Intellicure

IntelliTrak is rebranded “Intellicure” with the release of the wound care EHR’s version 4.0. Intellicure enjoys steady growth as it continues to develop tools that help practice administrators and clinicians treat patients more efficiently while navigating the ever-swerving CMS compliance regulations.

2006: Launch of Benchmarking

Intellicure creates its benchmarking tools in 2006, long before most EHRs even thought of benchmarking. Intellicure’s benchmarking capabilities help physicians compare the quality of care to their peers in real time.

2012: Chronic Disease Registry

Intellicure forms a sister company, the Chronic Disease Registry. A Qualified Clinical Data Registry and 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, the Chronic Disease Registry was created to carry on the mantle of measure development, education, and data analysis while satisfying the ongoing need for clinicians to aggregate data about patients to support the public policy attacks against the wound care industry. The Chronic Disease Registry later spawned the renowned, industry leading US Wound Registry.

2005: First Clinical Decision Support Rule Created

Intellicure adds its first Clinical Decision Support (CDS) rule to its wound care EHR charting process, helping clinicians make clinically sound, evidence-based treatment and documentation choices that improve quality care and outcomes. Today, IntellicureEHR and the Intellicure SMART App include more than 19 CDS rules.

2005: Launch of DirectPatient.com

Intellicure launches DirectPatient.com, a leading webstore offering wound care supplies at wholesale prices to the general public.

2003: Implementation of Intellicure’s First HL7 Interface

Intellicure becomes the first wound care EHR to interface with another EHR, and later becomes the first capable of interfacing with any EHR. Intellicure’s drive toward integration healthcare technology continues today with interoperable software capable of being used inside many EHRs.

2002: IntelliTrak Software Licensing Begins

Software licensing begins after full-scale beta testing is completed at Tomball Regional Hospital. The company begins slow organic growth, primarily in the nearby geographic area.

2001: Serving the Advanced Wound Care Market

The team takes its unique, focused expertise in wound care and hyperbaric medicine clinical care and operations, applied computer technology, and develops a unique product for the Advanced Wound Care Center market.

2000: The Two Packages are Merged into IntelliTrak EMR

David Walker and Dr. Caroline Fife combine and redesign the two packages into IntelliTrak EMR. They begin development of a total Practice Management System with Intellicure Front Desk Manager, InventoryTrak, Clinic Management, and Intellicure Reporting systems.

1995: Wound Care Documentation Software Begins

Intellicure’s wound care clinical documentation software begins at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston. Going by its original name “ED Knows Wound Care,” it is Dr. Caroline Fife’s answer to the growing problem of timeliness and patient charting accuracy.

1994: HyperTrak is Born

HyperTrak, our hyperbaric clinical documentation program, gets its start at Texas A&M University with Dr. William Fife and David Walker, CHT.