Maximize The Wound Center’s Profitability

Wound centers using Intellicure produce unparalleled reimbursement rates due to automatically accurate coding, robust documentation, and improved workflows that bolster patient volume.

For more than 20 years, Intellicure’s wound care app has solved the problems plaguing outpatient wound center revenue streams, raising the bottom line and ensuring sound profitability. Every wound center has key flaws in its coding or workflows that hold back the service line from greater revenue generation. Intellicure exposes and eliminates those flaws with proprietary algorithms that help physicians chart faster, document more fully, and always include the most accurate diagnosis and E/M level codes. By fixing the chart—the first step in the revenue process—Intellicure ensures maximum profitability.

Maximize The Wound Center’s Profitability

Grow and Close the Care Continuum

Intellicure helps the wound center generate revenue and keep it in the healthcare system.

Expand Peripheral Service Line Volumes

With Intellicure, the wound center’s distribution of referrals to hospital specialty departments, including cardiology and vascular surgery, will grow.

As part of our mission to efficiently heal wounds, Intellicure’s wound care software recognizes that a wound is actually a symptom of an underlying disease, so our software recommends referrals to an appropriate specialty whenever relevant. These recommendations are specific to the hospital system’s service lines when applicable, thus ensuring the patient stays in house.

Maximize Ancillary Services

A key to profitable wound care includes ensuring the wound center utilizes the hospital system’s ancillary service lines.

Intellicure makes ancillary service orders easy for clinical staff to process, leading to higher volumes of imaging orders, labs, pharmaceutical orders, rehabilitation services, and more. Intellicure’s advanced reporting of ancillary order metrics allows wound center leadership the ability to identify and stop ancillary service leakages just like with patient referral leakages.

Eliminate Referral Leakage

Healthgrades estimates that the average hospital system loses 10% to 30% of its revenue annually to patient referral leakage.

Wound care patients often present with multiple comorbidities, requiring close follow-up care with a variety of specialists within the network. Intellicure’s referral management tools help wound centers track incoming and outgoing referrals, giving leadership the ability to identify points of referral leakage and how those leaks can be plugged.

Accurate Coding: The Key to a 25% Increase in Revenue

By switching to Intellicure, the average wound center will generate 25% more revenue charting the exact same procedures than in another system … and the center’s documentation will be far more compliant and robust. It all leads back to automatic coding powered by artificial intelligence.

Intellicure automatically generates diagnosis and billing codes that lead to the most accurate reimbursements and match the documentation produced by the physician. Not only does this fail-proof method of accurate coding minimize audit risks, it ensures the provider never undercodes; a problem prevalent among wound centers.

Intellicure’s proprietary algorithms find codes that are accurate and will generate optimal reimbursements without the risk of overcoding. No wound center following Intellicure’s charting model has ever been fined as a result of a targeted probe or audit.

Wound Care Software that Increases Patient Volume

Intellicure facilitates fast wound care documentation processes, maximizing clinical workflow efficiency from the front desk to the exam room to the back office. With Intellicure, physicians are able to see more patients in less time—roughly 5-8 more patients a day per provider. Couple that faster charting with optimal outcomes and faster healing rates, the wound center’s reputation will grow, cultivating higher volumes.

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Eliminate Audit Risk

Targeted Probe and Educate (TPE) audits often result in fines that include recoupment of at least 3 times the amount of denied charges. Failing a RAC audit or TPE could decimate revenue streams of multiple hospital service lines, not just wound care. However, the initial cause of a TPE audit could be the wound center.

For more than 20 years, no wound center using Intellicure has been fined for inaccurate coding or documentation when following Intellicure’s proprietary wound care charting model, which ensures that every signed chart is complete, compliant, and accurate.

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Seamless Care Across the Continuum

Intellicure’s advances in integration and interoperable technology position the wound center as an integral piece to the patient’s overall well-being. Intellicure supports all integrations with every medical records software, minimizing double-work for wound center staff while ushering care documentation through correct, secure channels.

Optimal Clinical Outcomes, Happy Patients

Intellicure’s wound care software helps wound centers achieve better quality outcomes for their patients. Intellicure takes great pride in its commitment to data as the key to wound care healing on an individual and global basis. Data from hundreds of thousands of wounds powers Intellicure’s artificial intelligence and clinical decision support, improving healing rates and patient outcomes. Intellicure then benchmarks the wound center’s quality outcomes against their peers, visible via the Quality Dashboard.

After all, Intellicure is the Intelligent method to Cure patients.

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Build on the Hospital’s Elite Reputation

With Intellicure, the wound center’s physicians will be ranked among the nation’s leaders in quality care and capable of treating complex cases, bolstering the hospital’s reputation.

Intellicure’s proprietary tools for meeting CMS’s quality care documentation standards do much more for the wound center than ensuring accurate billing charges and avoiding audit fines. Intellicure’s quality care tools benchmark the wound center’s performance against wound centers across the nation and help physicians rank among the leaders in wound care on Medicare’s Physician Compare website.

As a result, the associated hospital system’s reputation grows as an elite provider of wound care and complex cases.

Intellicure’s leading wound care software
delivered how you need it.

Use Intellicure as a Complete
Wound Care EHR

Intellicure’s wound care software includes full-service EHR components, like scheduling, registration, charting, and billing and reporting tools. IntellicureEHR interfaces with any hospital EHR. It’s an optimal solution for any wound care center or private practice looking for a fast, compliance-focused wound care EHR. IntellicureEHR it’s usable on any device and can be logged in from anywhere.

Use Intellicure as a SMART App
inside the Hospital’s EHR

Intellicure’s wound care charting module is now available as an interoperable SMART app inside your hospital’s EHR, like Cerner, Epic, Meditech, or any EHR provided it uses FHIR, the latest HL7 standard. This option delivers Intellicure’s industry-leading charting software as part of your EHR’s workflow, which is ideal for wound centers using the hospital’s EHR.

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