Optimal Outcomes. Better Healing Rates.

Data from millions of wounds powers Intellicure’s artificial intelligence and clinical decision support, assisting the physician in their path toward quality care, improving healing rates, patient outcomes, and payor reimbursements.

As the physician charts with Intellicure, the documentation they generate solves problems.

Intellicure’s algorithms incorporate evidence-based care suggestions specific to the patient being treated and presents those suggestions right there in the chart.

As a basic example of how Intellicure’s algorithms help the physician achieve quality outcomes, let’s pretend a patient presents to the wound center with a diabetic foot ulcer. When the physician arrives at the Care Plan page of the Intellicure chart, they’re presented with a few reminders, like to send for a Hemoglobin A1c lab test, which is ordered from the chart with a single click. The order’s documentation is then automatically generated and added to the chart.

These evidence-based clinical suggestions advise the physician of specific actions that ensure quality care outcomes and improve healing rates. The suggestions are compiled from CMS-chosen medical journals and supported by the results of millions of data points extracted from actual wound care charts compiled by the US Wound Registry.

Intellicure is the only wound care software with best practice recommendations and clinical decision support built upon this level of wound care data.

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Using Data to Heal Wounds

Intellicure takes great pride in its commitment to data as the key to wound healing on an individual and global basis. Intellicure co-founder and practicing wound care physician, Dr. Caroline Fife, was recently featured on the cover of The Source for her insights into data’s role in the wound care industry.

Intellicure Uses Data to Produce Better Outcomes

Intellicure's leading wound care software
delivered how you need it.

Use Intellicure as a Complete
Wound Care EHR

Intellicure's wound care software includes full-service EHR components, like scheduling, registration, charting, and billing and reporting tools. IntellicureEHR interfaces with any hospital EHR. It's an optimal solution for any wound care center or private practice looking for a fast, compliance-focused wound care EHR. IntellicureEHR it's usable on any device and can be logged in from anywhere.

Use Intellicure as a SMART App
inside the Hospital's EHR

Intellicure's wound care charting module is now available as an interoperable SMART app inside your hospital's EHR, like Cerner, Epic, Meditech, or any EHR provided it uses FHIR, the latest HL7 standard. This option delivers Intellicure's industry-leading charting software as part of your EHR's workflow, which is ideal for wound centers using the hospital's EHR.

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“Intellicure’s Clinical Decision Support tools improved my Quality Scores and helped avoid a MIPS penalty.”

— Sherrill White-Wolfe, Director of Wound Care
CHI St. Luke’s, The Woodlands, TX