Intellicure is the premier wound care software used by America’s elite wound clinics. Intellicure customers enjoy the cleanest clinical workflow, richest regulatory compliance, unparalleled reimbursement rates, and are recognized by CMS as the leaders in quality patient care.

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Telling the World about Data.

Intellicure Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer Caroline Fife, MD recently graced the cover of “The Source” magazine. Inside, she explains how data is changing the wound care industry. We couldn’t agree more. IntellicureEHR’s innovative charting method captures structured data from wound care clinicians, which drives our clinical decision support engine to produce optimal patient outcomes and improved healing rates.

You’re Paid for Quality, So Get Paid More

CMS and commercial payors reimburse clinicians higher based on the clinician’s quality scores, which is determined by how well you document quality care. With IntellicureEHR’s Quality Suite, you’ll reach the top 5% of quality scores nationally, securing better physician reimbursements and a MIPS bonus.

Think You’ve Seen IntellicureEHR?
Think Again.

We’re rebuilding our award-winning Wound Care EHR with a new user interface on the web. It’s slicker, sleeker, 300x faster, and usable on a tablet or laptop.
We’re also adding a zillion-ish new workflow-improving tools to help your clinic reduce inefficiencies.

Medical Supplies from Your Chart to the Patient’s Door. Automatically.

OrderTrak: the time-saving, easy-to-use method of ordering and tracking DME for your patients as you chart.
Save 30+ minutes of staff time a day with the solution that gets medical supplies from the patient chart to the patient’s door automatically with one click. It’s called OrderTrak and it is D.M.Easy.

Artificial Intelligence that’s Actually Useful

Every Wound Care and Podiatry EHR claims they have Artificial Intelligence, but it doesn’t always help the practice. Ours does.

As you visit with the patient, Intellicure finds additional questions you could ask the patient to improve care quality and wound healing rates. The Artificial Intelligence within Intellicure has proven to deliver 10% better healing rates.

And that’s just the tip of Intellicure’s AI iceberg.