Upgrade the Wound Center

Intellicure improves the wound center in several ways, including these:

Clinical Workflow Efficiency

Eliminate the redundant with wound care software that automates several labor-intensive tasks throughout the clinic, plus recommendations to bolster outcomes. Faster charting, less paperwork, fewer errors.

Quality Outcomes

Intellicure’s advanced documentation system intertwined with proprietary algorithms and integrated with real wound data help wound care physicians deliver quality outcomes and improve wound healing rates.

Drive Revenue

From maximizing patient volume to ensuring accurate, full payor reimbursements, Intellicure can turn the wound center into a revenue machine while protecting the organization from costly audit fines.

Faster Charting

Intellicure includes features within its charting process that significantly reduce time spent charting. Intellicure has shown to be faster than typical note-taking or transcription, but with 0% documentation errors.

Proven Compliance

Intellicure’s calling card: unmatched documentation compliance. No wound center has ever been fined as a result of inaccurate documentation in audit or targeted probe when using Intellicure’s charting method.

Intellicure’s leading wound care software
delivered how you need it.

Use Intellicure as a Complete
Wound Care EHR

Wound Care EHR

Intellicure’s wound care software includes full-service EHR components, like scheduling, registration, charting, and billing and reporting tools. IntellicureEHR interfaces with any hospital EHR. It’s an optimal solution for any wound care center or private practice looking for a fast, compliance-focused wound care EHR. IntellicureEHR it’s usable on any device and can be logged in from anywhere.

Use Intellicure as a SMART App
inside the Hospital’s EHR

Intellicure’s wound care charting module is now available as an interoperable SMART app inside your hospital’s EHR, like Cerner, Epic, Meditech, or any EHR provided it uses FHIR, the latest HL7 standard. This option delivers Intellicure’s industry-leading charting software as part of your EHR’s workflow, which is ideal for wound centers using the hospital’s EHR.

Have questions? Call (800) 603-7896 to speak with a wound care expert at Intellicure, or click here to schedule a live demonstration of Intellicure.

Telling the World about Data.

Intellicure Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer Caroline Fife, MD recently graced the cover of “The Source” magazine. Inside, she explains how data is changing the wound care industry. We couldn’t agree more. Intellicure’s innovative charting method captures structured data from wound care clinicians, which drives our clinical decision support engine to produce optimal patient outcomes and improved healing rates.

Bridge of the Gaps of Care

Intellicure was the first wound care software to integrate with all major hospital EHRs. Intellicure’s wound care apps integrate with any medical records software in a variety of ways, allowing for clean continuity of care between the wound center and its connected facilities. To that end, Intellicure has launched its interoperable wound care SMART app for Cerner, further fostering integration with hospital EHRs.

Think You’ve Seen Intellicure?
Think Again.

We’ve rebuilt our award-winning Wound Care documentation software with a new user interface on the web. It’s slicker, sleeker, 300x faster, and usable on a tablet or laptop.
We’ve also added a zillion-ish new workflow-improving tools to reduce clinical inefficiencies.

Medical Supplies from the Chart to the Patient’s Door. Automatically.

OrderTrak: The time-saving, easy-to-use method of ordering and tracking DME for patients from the patient chart.
Save 30+ minutes of staff time a day with the solution that gets medical supplies from the patient chart to the patient’s door automatically with one click. It’s called OrderTrak and it is D.M.Easy.

Make Wound Care Easy on the Physician

Intellicure does everything in its power to ensure wound care physicians are able to fully document their care and make clinical decisions supported by actual wound care data.

Within each Intellicure chart, the physician is provided …

► Clinical Decision Support
► Recommendations to Improve Quality Scores
► Best Practice Recommendations
► DME Recommendations

… all of which are based on the patient’s specific demographics and diagnoses.

By generating these supportive options for the physician, the wound center is protected from audit fines due to insufficient documentation while maximizing clinical outcomes and physician satisfaction.