Why Do Payors Reimburse IntellicureEHR Users More?

How Can Intellicure Guarantee My Defense Against an Audit?

How Can Intellicure Promise I’ll Never Chart After Hours?

The EHR That Makes You Money

In today’s healthcare atmosphere, payors pay for accurately documented quality care. Intellicure optimizes your outcomes and quality scores with accurate, automatic ICD-10 coding, compliant documentation, and evidence-based care decisions. And it’s all automatic.

You’re Paid for Quality, So Get Paid More

CMS and commercial payors reimburse clinicians higher based on the clinician’s quality scores, which is determined by how well you document quality care. With IntellicureEHR’s Quality Suite, you’ll reach the top 5% of quality scores nationally, securing better physician reimbursements and a MIPS bonus.

Artificial Intelligence that’s Actually Useful

Every Wound Care and Podiatry EHR claims they have Artificial Intelligence, but it doesn’t always help the practice. Ours does.

As you visit with the patient, Intellicure finds additional questions you could ask the patient to improve care quality and wound healing rates. The Artificial Intelligence within Intellicure has proven to deliver 10% better healing rates.

And that’s just the tip of Intellicure’s AI iceberg.

Medical Supplies from Your Chart to the Patient’s Door. Automatically.

OrderTrak: the time-saving, easy-to-use method of ordering and tracking DME for your patients as you chart.
Save 30+ minutes of staff time a day with the solution that gets medical supplies from the patient chart to the patient’s door automatically with one click. It’s called OrderTrak and it is D.M.Easy.