Optimize Every Facet of the Wound Center

From clinical workflow to compliance to patient volume to healing rates to revenue, a standalone wound center using Intellicure is more efficient and more effective in every way.

Intellicure was created to help a wound center manager ensure compliance and optimal reimbursements. From that foundation, it grew to become a godsend for wound centers across America, emphasizing workflow efficiency for both clinical and administrative staffs. Physicians love charting with Intellicure and wound center managers and administrators love the results that Intellicure produces.

Become the Most Efficient Wound Center

Intellicure’s mission is to make everything easier for every role at the private practice wound center.

Intellicure strives to reduce or eliminate time-consuming tasks throughout the wound center wherever possible, while simultaneously ensuring the clinical staff delivers optimal outcomes to patients and ensuring the wound center remains compliant with regulatory changes at all times.

Intellicure’s advanced reporting tools further assist the efforts of private practice wound center leadership to maximize workflow efficiencies.

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Tools that Make Life Easier for Private Practice Wound Center Leaders

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Optimal Clinical Outcomes, Happy Patients

Intellicure’s wound care software helps wound centers achieve better quality outcomes for their patients. Intellicure takes great pride in its commitment to data as the key to wound care healing on an individual and global basis. Data from millions of patient encounters powers Intellicure’s artificial intelligence and clinical decision support, improving healing rates and patient outcomes.

After all, Intellicure is the Intelligent method to Cure patients.

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Eliminate Compliance Burdens

For more than 20 years, no wound center using Intellicure has been fined for inaccurate coding or documentation when following Intellicure’s proprietary wound care charting model, which ensures that every signed chart is complete, compliant, and accurate.

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Improve the Wound Center’s Revenue

From maximizing patient volume to ensuring accurate, full payor reimbursements, Intellicure can turn the wound center into a revenue machine while protecting the organization from costly audit fines.

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