Efficient, Effective Hyperbaric Charting Software

The industry’s leading hyperbarics software advances clinical workflow efficiency while optimizing reimbursements and ensuring quality patient care.

It isn’t a stretch to say that Intellicure’s founders were the first to build a hyperbaric charting software. It’s also not a stretch to say Intellicure’s latest updates make HBOT documentation easier, faster, and more effective than ever before.

Intellicure’s hyperbaric charting module:

  • Ensures documentation compliance and completeness
  • Optimizes HBOT reimbursements
  • Minimizes audit risks

As the HBOT tech or clinical staff documents the visit in Intellicure, they select specific settings of the chamber—like oxygen levels, airbreaks, compression/decompression rates—as well as the patient’s reactions to those settings. This detailed HBOT charting process leads to accurate and compliant documentation, which garners fuller reimbursements from payors.

Intellicure’s robust HBOT charting module is included in Intellicure’s wound care app and wound care software.

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Intellicure's leading wound care software
delivered how you need it.

Use Intellicure as a Complete
Wound Care EHR

Intellicure's wound care software includes full-service EHR components, like scheduling, registration, charting, and billing and reporting tools. IntellicureEHR interfaces with any hospital EHR. It's an optimal solution for any wound care center or private practice looking for a fast, compliance-focused wound care EHR. IntellicureEHR it's usable on any device and can be logged in from anywhere.

Use Intellicure as a SMART App
inside the Hospital's EHR

Intellicure's wound care charting module is now available as an interoperable SMART app inside your hospital's EHR, like Cerner, Epic, Meditech, or any EHR provided it uses FHIR, the latest HL7 standard. This option delivers Intellicure's industry-leading charting software as part of your EHR's workflow, which is ideal for wound centers using the hospital's EHR.

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