The Intellicure development team, led by CEO David Walker and with guidance from CMO Dr. Caroline Fife, has been hard at work building what we consider the greatest EHR ever made. Intellicure’s core concepts and structure will remain in Intellicure’s version 7, but everything else about Intellicure is re-imagined to streamline functionality and workflow. From how you access the EHR (via any web browser) to how you sign and unlock a chart. Intellicure 7 will wow you.
Being in relatively close proximity to the NASA space station, and as space geeks ourselves, we decided that a countdown is the best way to bring our customers and the general public up to speed on Intellicure 7.

7 days a week for the next 7 weeks, we’ll post updates on the latest features and capabilities being added to Intellicure 7, including sneak peeks into the design and behind-the-curtain looks into how we’re building the ultimate wound care EHR. To follow the updates, subscribe here or visit to see the latest news!


Initiating launch in T-minus 7×7 days!