World-Class Wound Care Data & Analytics for Medical Device and Biopharmaceuticals

Understanding real-world use of medical products can reveal utilization and patient outcome patterns that will impact a product’s lifecycle and market potential. Intellicure Analytics delivers these insights and enables your digital strategies for informing point-of-care decisions. Intellicure brings high-validity, real-world, brand-specific data that demonstrate outcomes you can trust. Our quality-by-design approach to point-of-care clinical data capture generates research-ready data which allows us to evaluate standards of care and treatment pathways. Powered by the US Wound Registry—the world’s largest repository of wound data—our geographically diverse research data network and industry thought leadership provides the breadth and depth of insight required to support your evidence needs.

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Intellicure is available to discuss your wound care data needs at any time. Please submit the secure form below to ask us any questions or call us at (800) 603-7896.

Intellicure Analytics brings unique data and expertise to inform your brand’s medical and commercialization efforts.

Uniquely Insightful Wound Care Data

Intellicure’s proprietary wound care software was built to collect and leverage structured wound data that can be used to change the way health care is delivered and improve patient outcomes. When wound care providers document a patient encounter inside Intellicure’s wound care apps, they select clinically relevant options from drop-down lists that are supported by evidence-based decision support engines, rather than typing free-text or dictating notes.

Because Intellicure’s platform incorporates CMS-recognized quality measures and peer-reviewed algorithms specific to wound care, there is a very high degree of accuracy associated with critical information like comorbid conditions, diagnosis codes, procedures, treatments, and outcomes. This avoids the inconsistencies often created by differing use of terminology and unstructured notes. Discrete data fields are populated with discrete information,  eliminating the need for curation downstream and making it possible to quickly turn real-world data into real-world evidence.

What makes Intellicure Analytics’ unique, easy-to-use, advanced data platform the go-to resource for researchers and marketers across the life sciences industry? It’s all in how medical providers chart using IntellicureEHR’s standardized data collection method and incorporation of clinical quality metrics. In partnership with the US Wound Registry, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization recognized by CMS as a Qualified Clinical Data Registry, Intellicure’s data has helped to advance the development of life-saving therapies, justify the reimbursement of effective procedures,  positively influence public policy, and improve outcomes for patients with chronic wounds.

Intellicure Analytics: A next-generation digital CRO focused on rapid, real-world insights and evidence production

Intellicure Analytics has brand-specific dressing data from hospital-based outpatient wound centers (including DME orders) and office-based practices. You’ll obtain insights into the utilization of your products in relation to your competitors, including such details as …

  • Wound type/diagnosis, wound size, and characteristics
  • Dressing change frequency, duration, and product switching
  • Missed opportunities for the use of your product
  • Product safety and effectiveness

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Intellicure is available to discuss your wound care data needs at any time. Please submit the secure form below to ask us any questions or call us at (800) 603-7896.

World-Class Wound Care Data & Analytics Subscriptions for Medical Device and Biopharmaceuticals

As a subscriber to Intellicure Analytics, you’ll receive access to these programs:

Quick-Query Services Via Our Advanced Evidence Platform

  • Rapid product utilization reports
  • Real-world utilization patterns
  • Outpatient treatment patterns
  • Patient journey mapping
  • Product switching trends
  • Study feasibility assessments

 Real World Data-as-a-Service to Support Your In-house Research Programs

  • Subscription-based access to research-ready data
  • Targeted cohort development for retrospective studies
  • Prospective registry development leveraging Intellicure’s SMART app

 Study and Analytics Services for Real World Evidence Generation

Intellicure Analytics’ in-house research team and network of leading investigators can design and execute your retrospective observational and prospective studies and support your regulatory reporting requirements.

  • Real World Product Utilization
  • Comparative Effectiveness Research
  • Safety Surveillance Services
  • Post Marketing Clinical Follow Up (PMCF) reporting

The Wound Healing Index: Advanced Analytics for Healthcare Providers

Intellicure Analytics offers advanced analytics solutions to support quality programs and care delivery. Through our partnership with US Wound Registry, we developed and operate one of the first Qualified Clinical Data Registries (QCDR) recognized by CMS. This registry is leveraged in our benchmarking and quality reporting services.

In collaboration with other medical societies, we championed the development of a comprehensive set of electronic Clinical Quality Measures (eCQMs) specifically for wound care. Intellicure has fully integrated these eCQMs into our electronic health record software, IntellicureEHR. With this integration, data is used in conjunction with proprietary algorithms that can risk stratify wounds and predict their likelihood of healing through available treatment pathways.

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Intellicure is available to discuss your wound care data needs at any time. Please submit the secure form below to ask us any questions or call us at (800) 603-7896.