World-Class Wound Care Data Analytics

Intellicure’s wound care software captures structured data in useful fashion.

Uniquely Insightful Wound Data

It’s All About Structured Data …

Intellicure’s proprietary wound care software was built to collect and leverage structured wound data that can be used to change the way health care is delivered and improve patient healing. This is why our data is so widely used by scientists and researchers across the industry. As a Contract Research Organization (CRO) with its own Investigative Review Board (IRB), Intellicure’s data has helped advance the development of life-saving therapies, justify the reimbursement of effective procedures, and influence public policy.

How Intellicure Captures Structured Data from Every Patient Encounter

When wound care providers document a patient encounter inside Intellicure’s wound care apps, they select clinically relevant options from drop-down lists that are supported by evidence-based decision support engines, rather than typing free-text or dictating notes. As a result, there are not inconsistencies due to differing use of terminology, handwriting, or communication styles. Discrete data fields are populated with discrete data that can be used to draw meaningful conclusions.

Why Intellicure’s Structured Wound Data is Uniquely Insightful

Most electronic medical record or documentation software programs do not give providers a framework to collect or input structured data. More commonly, they are required to type, speak, or even scan their written notes into the system. In doing so, the documentation from one encounter to the next can vary significantly, even if the diagnosis and treatment are the same. As a result, the data from each visit is often unreliable. Because Intellicure’s platform incorporates CMS-recognized quality measures and peer-reviewed algorithms specific to wound care, there is a very high degree of accuracy associated with critical information like comorbid conditions, diagnosis codes, procedures, and outcomes.

How Intellicure Wound Data is Used

Intellicure partnered with the US Wound Registry (USWR), a nonprofit 529(c)(3) organization committed to clinical research and data analytics that lead to improved outcomes for patients with chronic wounds. The USWR was one of the first Qualified Clinical Data Registries (QCDR) recognized by CMS and the world’s largest repository of wound data. In collaboration with other medical societies, the USWR authored and developed a comprehensive set of electronic Clinical Quality Measures (eCQMs) specifically for wound care. Intellicure fully integrated these eCQMs into their electronic health record software, IntellicureEHR. With this integration, data is used in conjunction with proprietary algorithms that can risk stratify wounds, and predict their likelihood of healing and under the different available types of treatment.

Customizable Data Analytics Solutions for Wound Care

Intellicure offers wound care research and data analytics solutions that are highly customizable depending on the needs of the researcher. Engagements can include anything from raw data to comprehensive research projects that leverage some of the most prominent statisticians in the industry and lead to award-winning, peer-reviewed publications.

Quick-Query Services

Intellicure can provide tailored utilization reports that can be accessed through a dedicated web app as frequently as desired under a subscription model. The source data used for these reports is updated every 24 hours, making it nearly real-time and therefore very useful for tracking trends over time and monitoring impacts on an almost daily basis.

Data Licensing

For organizations that do not require assistance with analytics, Intellicure’s structured raw data can be directly licensed and delivered in a variety of standard and non-standard formats for a pre-determined period of time. This saves researchers months of time, as they do not have to source, mine, and analyze hundreds of thousands of unstructured data fields. Additionally, analysts and statisticians have the confidence that the data is discrete, valid, and modeled exactly how it is needed. Whether it is to establish a standard of care for a matched cohort or to produce market and safety surveillance reports for European regulatory requirements, raw data from Intellicure can be delivered how you need it.

Real-World Use Study

In the absence of a specialty, it’s very difficult to find readily available wound care data that is truly representative of the real world. It’s not uncommon for even the most sophisticated organizations to be unaware of exactly how their products or devices are (and are not) being used in actual practice. Intellicure conducts retrospective data studies that define exactly how products are used in the real world. For example, a Safety or Adverse Event report for the satisfaction of Post Marketing Clinical Follow Up (PMCF) requirements. This type of engagement is a precursor to doing a full Comparative Effectiveness Study.

Comparative Effectiveness Study

Typically conducted upon defining real-world use, a Comparative Effectiveness Study is an in-depth analysis of product utilization and outcomes (e.g. effectiveness of Product A vs. Product B) in wounds which are carefully matched using a validated risk scoring system and can include adverse event reporting and health economic analysis. Publication is an option, though not required.

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