One of the final pieces to IntellicureEHR 7 is our one-of-a-kind in-chart ordering system for durable medical equipment (DME). It’s called OrderTrak, and to put it as cheesy as possible, it is DMEasy.

What makes OrderTrak so special? It’s the fastest, most error-free process imaginable for ordering DME.

Think about your current process for prescribing and ordering DME for patients. It probably involves a DME supplier’s website (or even a catalog), a flurry of specific forms filled out by medical assistants or nurses required by Medicare or private payers, the physician signing those forms, and the physician writing complete justifying documentation inside the chart. Then these orders have to be logged by the clinic somewhere, sometimes in a notebook. This process takes a long time and has room for plenty of errors that could cost the clinic thousands. It is the antithesis of clinic efficiency.

Intellicure’s co-founding partners—a wound clinic manager and a wound care physician—hated the DME ordering process when they worked together. That’s why they built OrderTrak: to make DME ordering very fast and always correct. On average, OrderTrak saves nurses between 45 – 60 minutes per day.

OrderTrak is a tool within our wound care and podiatry EHR getting a makeover with IntellicureEHR 7. OrderTrak displays the DME supply options right there within the chart so clinical staff can just select exactly which item the patient needs, from the supplier of their choice while they chart. No extra website. Using the patient’s chart and medical history as a basis, OrderTrak automatically fills in the special forms required for DME orders, and automatically generates the supporting documentation for the DME order. The staff doesn’t have to write anything; it’s already done for them. Plus, every DME order is logged within IntellicureEHR so that the clinic administration can quickly view a report of every DME order.

Perhaps best of all, DME vendors absolutely love the documentation written by IntellicureEHR because it covers every possible requirement payers impose, ensuring that the DME vendors get paid appropriately and promptly.

With the release of IntellicureEHR 7, OrderTrak will receive a cosmetic makeover, but nothing else will change in regards to how it works and how Intellicure users will utilize it. However, we’ve learned that staffs often struggle tracking down the physician to sign their DME orders, so we’re making an app for that where Physicians will be able to sign off on orders from anywhere using their mobile device. It might not be ready until after the conversion of all our users to IntellicureEHR 7, but it’s definitely coming!