Artificial Intelligence that’s Useful.

Every medical software claims they have AI, but it rarely actually helps the wound center. Intellicure’s does.

Intellicure: Intelligent, Deep Learning, Machine Learning

When the physician charts with Intellicure’s wound care apps, the data they provide solves problems. At the point of care in that patient encounter, Intellicure’s artificial intelligence decides which wound care ICD-10 codes and which E/M level are the most appropriate. The data also triggers specific CMS quality measures and alerts to ensure the physician meets CMS Quality Payment Programs like MIPS and achieves better reimbursements from both Medicare and commercial payors.

But that charting data goes further.

Intellicure’s wound care software is a peer-reviewed “Learning Healthcare System,” the only one of its kind, in which the experience of every patient can help the medical community better understand diseases and the effectiveness of treatments. Information from routine clinical care helps create databases that are used for Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER), the results of which are built into “clinical decision support” tools to guide current and future care.

Wound Repair and Regeneration, a leading wound care medical journal, recognized Intellicure as a “Learning Healthcare System” in 2017, though Intellicure was built with artificial intelligence from the start.

Watch this video to learn more about how Intellicure’s artificial intelligence engines lead to better quality outcomes, then request a demo.

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