Survey Analysis: Wound Center Leadership Pressured for Higher Volumes

Earlier this month, the US Wound Registry conducted a market research survey intended to better understand the personnel structure of wound centers, the pressures and concerns facing wound center leadership, and how technologies are impacting wound centers.

The USWR survey showed that 72% of hospital outpatient wound center business leaders are pressured most by their supervisors to improve patient volume and/or revenue at the wound center. However, only 26% consider patient volume and/or revenue their top priority.

Perhaps this conclusion isn’t surprising, or perhaps the surprise is that the number is only 72% and not 100%. Regardless, this analysis certainly hints that the need for efficient clinical workflow is at the forefront of the wound care industry. Workflow efficiency at outpatient wound centers is often held back by hospital leadership who mandate the use of the hospital’s EHR inside the wound clinic, a fight Intellicure has actively taken on with its upcoming release of interoperable Cerner and Epic SMART apps.

Zach Zavoral

Prior to joining Intellicure as its Director of Marketing & Communications, Mr. Zavoral served as the Vice President of Marketing & Communications for a healthcare system in Texas and Oklahoma. He has also led marketing efforts for a variety of medical products.

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