Structured Wound Data Can Build Care Plans That Heal Wounds Quickly & Effectively

The cover page article of this quarter’s “The Source”—a magazine produced by HealthTrust—states that data is essential to the wound care industry, but that the industry suffers from an “Insufficient knowledge as to what treatments or products are effective in practice because of a lack of risk stratification or real-world data.”

Structured, stratified, real-world wound data is only available from one EHR: Intellicure.

The innovative, natural charting process of IntellicureEHR not only helps physicians chart faster, it captures wound data in a structured manner that no other wound care EHR can replicate. That structured data is integrated with CMS-recognized wound care quality measures right there in the chart, producing clinical decision support and care plans that actually achieve better outcomes and improved healing rates.

This isn’t artificial intelligence anymore. This is actual intelligence using actual wound data.

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