Never Stress about an Audit Again.

Intellicure’s proprietary method for charting ensures your signed documentation is complete, compliant, and accurate. Always. So you’ll always beat a CMS audit or a RAC audit.

Intellicure users who follow our charting process have never been fined as a result of a CMS Audit or a RAC Audit.

Here’s Why…

Automated Coding:

As your doctors chart, Intellicure automatically assigns the most accurate ICD-10 codes and appropriate E/M levels with supporting documentation.

Regulatory Compliance:

Intellicure updates its software to remain compliant with the latest regulatory and coding changes, meaning you don’t have to.

Improved Healing Rates:

From evidence-based care suggestions to automated alerts for improved quality care, Intellicure Network members who follow our process achieve 10% better healing rates than those who don’t.

Complete, Accurate Documentation:

Intellicure users don’t write their own care documentation; it’s all done automatically and in a format recognized by CMS to be the standard for quality documentation. RAC auditors love it.

See Audit-Proof, Automatic Documentation in Action

Learn more about the Wound Care EHR that automatically codes and documents for you, saves 4+ hours of staff labor a day, and guarantees your protection against an audit.

“When my practice was audited, I didn’t get a fine for my documentation because I had Intellicure. I didn’t even have to stress about it.”

– Kelly Byrd-Jenkins, Director of Wound Care
Peterson Regional Medical Center, Kerrville, TX

The Intellicure Audit Guarantee

Medical practices get audited. It’s unavoidable. Auditors search specifically for discrepancies in charting and coding. Intellicure’s automated coding and charting process, powered by artificial intelligence, is audit-proof: meaning you won’t get fined for discrepancies in your charting and documentation.* It’s the ultimate audit insurance.

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