Wound Care Collaborative Community Selects Intellicure Analytics as its Partner for Real World Data on Chronic Wounds

THE WOODLANDS, Texas (July 1, 2024) – To aid in the organization’s mission to address public health issues of complex and chronic wounds, the Wound Care Collaborative Community (WCCC) has partnered with Intellicure Analytics to deliver real-world, wound care data analytics.

Intellicure’s uniquely detailed, structured clinical wound data and its analytic services will enable the WCCC to depict the real-world severity of chronic wounds and ulcers, the comorbid conditions of the patients who have them, the complexity of the patient journey and the ultimate outcome of chronic wounds as part of the “Natural History” project.

“We are ecstatic to have found a wound care data partner who shares in our vision for patients, clinicians, and the wound care industry as a whole,” said Vickie R Driver, DPM, MS, WCCC Chairperson and Professor of Medicine at Washington State University. “We look forward to the shrewd and discriminating insights Intellicure Analytics can produce and the positive changes and insights that that will allow us to help move our field of medicine forward.”

Joe Rolley, Principal of JTR Business Consulting, LLC and Chair of the WCCC Real-World Evidence Group added, “The selection of Intellicure Analytics as our data partner was the result of an extensive selection process involving the vetting of over 40 real-world evidence wound care data providers. Intellicure was the top candidate by a wide margin. We are extremely pleased to be working with them on this important WCCC project.”

Intellicure Analytics’ discrete wound care data—derived from its unique, AI-powered wound care app used for millions of wound care patient visits—is known for the powerful insights it can generate, including brand-specific treatments and associated wound outcomes. “The WCCC is working with the FDA to lead our industry – our community – toward a brighter future of wound care,” said Intellicure CEO Matt Pine, “and we are honored to have Intellicure Analytics become a part of that leadership.”


The Wound Care Collaborative Community (“WCCC”) is an FDA-approved and recognized ‘Collaborative Community’ focused on stimulating wound care innovation to improve product safety and patient access to cutting-edge medical technology while reducing cost and time to market. The WCCC acts as a focal point for collaboration between the various parts of the wound care community and works closely together with the FDA and CMS on medical device, drug, and biologic challenges to achieve common objectives and outcomes that are squarely focused on removing the barriers to innovation for our patients. Our goal is to foster the development and availability of innovative and effective wound-healing therapies.
The WCCC works in the pre-competitive space to identify methods, tools, approaches and appropriate clinical evidence that will enhance understanding and improve evaluation of product safety, quality, and effectiveness. The WCCC initiatives aim to improve patient access to cutting-edge medical technology while reducing cost and time to market. The WCCC aims to accelerate the development of science-based patient-centered solutions and address public policy challenges related to assuring patients receive early access to innovative treatment options. Learn more at WoundCareCC.org.


Intellicure Analytics is the leading wound care data analytics solution. Derived from its popular clinical wound care software, Intellicure Analytics offers high-validity, real-world, brand-specific data. Intellicure’s quality-by-design approach to clinical data capture produces research-ready data, which helps clinicians assess quality of patient care and helps manufacturers meet EU PMCF standards, conduct comparative effectiveness studies, measure marketing impact, discover valuable real-world utilization patterns, and much more. Medical device and biopharmaceutical manufacturers leverage Intellicure Analytics’ world-class wound care data analytics to reap the benefits of real-world, structured data unlike any other wound data solution on the market. Learn more at Intellicure.com/analytics.