mobile ehr

Effecient & Effective Remote Patient Care with a Mobile EHR

mobile electronic health recordPhysicians do not have the luxury of taking care of patients at a single location and only during business hours. They find themselves moving between sites and settings throughout the course of a day. This often means working with multiple EHRs and documentation systems. In today’s Pay-for-Quality environment under programs like MIPS the ability to manage patient care consistently across many environments is critical.

Transferring patient information from one system to another puts physicians at risk for costly audits and negative reimbursement adjustments, particularly if done by free-typing or dictating, or without HIPAA compliance.

Intellicure Mobile Companion is a suite of medical apps for doctors that, in conjunction with IntellicureEHR, allows mobile devices to be used for certain types of activities. These Apps help physicians to be more flexible and efficient, while maintaining the consistency and integrity needed to feel secure.

  • Photo App – Take problem photos and load them directly into the patient chart        

  • Scheduler App – View and change patient schedules throughout the day        

  • Problems App – Enter problems into the patient chart with point-and-click selections        

  • Procedures App – Document procedures and add comments with built-in narrative tool        

  • OrderTrak App – Approve orders for durable medical equipment and other supplies        

Intellicure’s Mobile Companion is a mobile EHR frees physicians from their desktop so they can treat patients where they are!