Wound Care Billing that Can Grow Your Revenue

When you hire Intellicure’s physician billing services, your reimbursements grow, and your spare time grows with it.

Expert Wound Care Billing Services

Physicians are faced with very complex regulatory requirements that change on a monthly basis, making it increasingly difficult to get reimbursed accurately and in a timely manner. These complexities are leading to denied claims and failed CMS audits with penalties as high as 3x the original billed amount.

Successful wound care billing begins with Intellicure’s wound care software automatically calculating the appropriate E/M or procedure code. The selection is always 100% compliant with the medical documentation, because they are both derived from the same source. That code automatically feeds into Intellicure’s Physician Billing system and our trained wound care billing professionals compile and process the claims.

Intellicure’s Physician Billing team has a deep understanding of public policy and private payor contracting. They track regulatory changes and manage the entire medical billing process from start to finish. Physicians who use Intellicure for wound care billing services have denial rates of only 5-6% and a 100% success rate for CMS Quality Payment Programs.

Spend less time charting, and more time with patients.

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“Intellicure’s Wound Care Billing service has been an additional asset in helping me establish my practice, assisting me with everything from the cumbersome credentialing process to billing submission that can otherwise be challenging and overwhelming at times.
I highly recommend Intellicure to any practice or organization whose focus is that of exceptional wound care.”

— Dr. Desmond Bell, DPM, CWS
Jacksonville, FL