Software Updates to IntellicureEHR 7

Updates are listed in chronological order beginning with upcoming or most recent updates.

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Release Date: May 23, 2022

Auto-Calculated ABI

Users will be able to have the ABI auto calculate by going to Exam > Vascular > Screens.
If there are ABI values entered on the Exam tab, then the values will also appear on any compression procedure. The ABI values that display on the compression procedures are there as a courtesy and will not populate any text into the Procedure Note. This also means that ABI values do not have to be entered to document a compression procedure. You will also now have the ability to pull in the ABI result when documenting CTP procedures. This is found under the macro MN-Oxygenation.

“Mark Reviewed” Button Added to Social History

There will be a “Mark Reviewed” button that can be selected on the Social History tab to note that the patient’s Social History was reviewed.

Gastrointestinal Exam Now Has Checkbox Options

The Gastrointestinal Exam on the Exam tab now has selectable options instead of having to be written via free text.

Details Added to HBOT Order Form

Editing a patient’s HBOT order has a new option to close the order as well as more details regarding the HBOT Order Status.

Logging in to DrFirst

There are now two DrFirst login buttons on the Medications and Allergies tabs that allows either the staff member or provider to login to DrFirst regardless of who is logged into the encounter. If the staff member is logged into the encounter and DrFirst Provider button is selected, the provider will need to provider their password to launch DrFirst.

Release Date: April 25, 2022

Print Face Sheet from the Registration Tab

Users will now have the ability to print a patient face sheet from Registration. This feature is present in IntellicureEHR 7 as of April 19, 2022.

Capture Pain Assessment

An additional option to capture Pain Assessment has been added to the Vitals on the Constitutional Exam tab.

Adjustment to Risk in Physician Level of Service

The Risk portion of the Physician Level of Service on the Signature tab will now automatically calculate without the provider needing to address goals and orders in the Care Plan.

Printing Scheduling Reports

Scheduling Reports can now be printed directly from the Scheduler.

Update to Bilateral Compression Procedure Charges

When you document two compression procedures for the left and right, the software will detect this at sign off and automatically drop the bilateral code. For this to work, you need to have the CPT with the bilateral modifier present in your fee schedule. If the clinic doesn’t have a bilateral code in their fee schedule, it will drop 2x codes as it did before. This will eliminate the need for clinics to make further adjustments in checkout when billing bilateral compression. This update is present in IntellicureEHR 7 as of April 19, 2022.


Release Date: March 14, 2022


The comments and/or impressions entered on Studies, Lab Tests, and Treatments will now appear within the History and Physical and Progress Note generated documents.

Diagnosis Code Visible in HBOT Treatment

The primary diagnosis code and description will now be visible in the HBOT treatment.

Increased Number of Debridement Procedures

Debridement procedures will now allow up to 15 problems to be entered, which is an increase from the previous maximum of 6 problems.

Report Parameters: All Patients and Active Patients

In Reports, the Closure Percentage Outlier report will have a new option to show All Patients or only show the Active Patients. Active Patients are any patient that has an active problem(s) in the Care Plan.

Selecting Active Only Patients will filter out patients who have had all their active problems outcomed and have had a Discharge Order selected on one of their problems.

Adding Patient Diagnosis Codes to Manual Charges

When adding a charge manually in Checkout, clinics will now be able to attach the patient’s diagnosis code to the charges .


Release Date: Feb. 28, 2022


The reports will now have a back button that will appear at the top of the page. This will give users the convenience of using the back button at the bottom of the reports or the top.

Shortcuts for Common Co-morbid Problems

Users will now have shortcuts to select for common co-morbid problems such as Alzheimer’s, Hypertension, COPD, etc. These co-morbid shortcuts will appear when adding a problem on the Care Plan. The problems that appear for each clinic can be customized by contacting Customer Care. The co-morbid problems will be in green below the existing suggestions on the Care Plan page.

When a co-morbid problem is selected, the user will need to select which provider is treating the problem and complete the selections to arrive at the desired diagnosis code.

Entering a Reason for Deleting an Encounter

Users will now be required to enter a reason for deleting an encounter.

This information will populate on the Deleted Encounter page. Any encounter deleted before this update will show “No reason provided.”


Release Date: Feb. 14, 2022

Care Plan Photos

Photos on the Care Plan page will default to being sorted in date descending order.

Charge Approval

Charge Approval will no longer jump to the top of the page when a charge is approved or deleted. Once a charge has been selected as Approved or Deleted, the screen will stay put.

Supply Charges

Clinics will be able to enter their supply charges without the need for including a corresponding HCPCS code. Although if they have the HCPCS code, there is a place to include it.
This new supply charge feature will be found under the “Patient Billing” portion of Resources.

The form to enter a supply charge is very similar to the Fee Schedule template, however, as many or as few of the boxes can be filled out. Once an item is entered, it can be edited, deleted, or retired.

Once a supply charge is entered into the Supplies Chargemaster, it can be added to a patient’s charges in Checkout via the “Add Supply Item” button.

The drop-down list will show the items entered in the Supplies Chargemaster in the order they were entered. The list will show the Short Description and as well as the HCPCS if one is included.

Once the supply is added to the Facility Checkout charges for a patient, it will appear and can be approved in Patient Charge Approval.


Release Date: Jan. 3, 2022

Clinical Participants

If an encounter has already been signed by the nurse and someone tries to remove the provider as a signatory participant, they will get a prompt notifying them that other signatory participants have already signed the encounter and they will need to un-sign before the participant’s name can be removed. This is to prevent issues with the documents and charges not dropping correctly.

Also, if a signatory participant has been selected as the one who performed a procedure and their name is attempted to be removed as a signatory participant, they will also get a prompt that prevents the name from being removed. This is to ensure that the Procedure Note and charges drop correctly.

Skin Substitute Codes

The feature for the provider to get the High Cost application codes (15271-15278) when performing a Low Cost (C5271-C5278)) Skin substitute procedure is now in the sandbox and is slated to be pushed to production on Jan. 3, 2022.

Procedure Notes

The Procedure Note will now display the signature at the bottom of the note instead of the top. The “performed by” will still display at the top of the note, as seen below.


Release Date: Dec. 28, 2021

Ancestor Problems

Problems will now retain their ancestor data when they are changed in the software.

In the screenshot below, the DFU diagnosis was changed, which moved the outcomed problem to the Resolved Problems list. Notice that the new problem retains the same 3/1/2021 Onset date as the ancestor problem.

When you click any of the Binocular icons to look at previous HPI, Description, or Treatment Order entries, you will be able toggle through the data entered for the ancestor problem. Note that the problem is treated as a New Problem, so the previous Treatments will not pull forward when Last Values is selected.

On the Measurements tab, you will be able to see the ancestor measurements under Measurement History, which will be noted with an asterisk. If you hover over the asterisk, “Ancestor Problem” will display.

The ancestor photos will also display under the problem photos.

Another benefit of the update is that you will now be able to open encounters prior to the problem being changed and view the original problem details on the Care Plan. For instance, in the DFU example, the problem was outcomed on the 9/28 visit. However, I can open the 6/3 visit where the ancestor problem was originally entered and view the problem details.

HBOT ROS Template

 A new HBOT ROS template on the History tab is now available.

Selecting this option will display ROS options specifically geared towards HBOT patients.

Charge Approval and Checkout

Charge Approval and Checkout is now being sorted alpha by patient.