Intellicure Saves Time.
Time = Money.
Intellicure = $.

Several unique features make IntellicureEHR the leader in clinical workflow efficiency.

Save 4 Hours of Staff Labor per Day

Wound care clinics tell us that they save an average of 4 hours of staff labor every day, not to mention the reduction in after-hours charting. That kind of staff labor time-savings could be cut from your budget, or applied to productive purposes like referral marketing.

Here are a few ways Intellicure saves time at your practice. Click on one to learn more. Or click here to schedule a consultation with one of our clinic experts.

Faster, Natural Charting Process

The Intellicure point-of-care charting process is not only more efficient than the typical manual charting process, but it’s faster and more natural; especially for complex patients. It writes complete documentation of the patient encounter.


DME (Durable Medical Equipment) for patients is ordered right from the Intellicure chart by the clinician. There is no need for coordinating orders with staff and patients. Just a few clicks during the charting process and the DME arrives at the patient’s door automatically.

Attesting for MIPS

CMS requires that you attest for MIPS, but you definitely want the highest score possible, as that impacts your practice revenue. As a member of the Intellicure Network, we will handle it for you. You treat the patients, we’ll collect and optimize the data and report it to CMS so you get the best score possible.

Billing Service

Intellicure’s Physician Billing service handles all the nitty-gritty for you. From credentialing to collections, our team of seasoned wound care and podiatry billing experts grow your revenue while you focus on your practice.

Web-Based and Cloud-Based

IntellicureEHR has been in the cloud since the cloud became a thing. However, we recently moved it to a web-based platform, allowing you to access it from any web browser. Page load times with IntellicureEHR are as much as 300% faster than competitors.

Fast Lab & Imaging Orders

It’s all part of the chart. Send for labs and imaging right from the patient’s chart during the point-of-care charting process. No going back and forth between screens, no leaving the exam room to find paperwork, no work for the nurse.

EHR & Practice Management Combined

With Intellicure, your Practice Management software is part of your EHR, allowing seamless transitions from schedule to encounter to reports all in one window. It saves time for you and your staff.

Photo App

The Intellicure Photo App eliminates the hassle of setting up cameras for image documentation of wounds and uploading to the right patient’s chart. Just open the app, select the patient, take the photo with your smart phone, and you’re done!

“I highly recommend Intellicure to any practice or organization whose focus is that of exceptional wound care.”

— Desmond Bell, DPM
Jacksonville, FL

Save 4+ Hours of Staff Labor at Your Wound-Podiatry Practice - Intellicure