Upgrade the Wound Center

with the First Advanced Wound Care

Documentation App

inside of Cerner®

Now available through the code.cerner.com app gallery, the Intellicure Wound Care App operates inside of Cerner Millennium® Electronic Health Record. The Intellicure Wound Care App vastly improves clinical workflow efficiency in outpatient wound centers, optimizing outcomes and payor reimbursements while simultaneously allowing for increased patient volumes and happier clinicians.

Utilizing structured wound healing data, Intellicure’s Wound Care App provides best practice recommendations and quality benchmarks within each chart based on the clinicians’ documentation, furthering clinical outcomes and healing rates. When our app automatically identifies the most appropriate diagnosis codes and calculates the most accurate E/M levels, it not only speeds up the charting process, it improves reimbursements by as much as 25% while minimizing audit risks because the documentation substantiates the treatment delivered. Clinicians using the Intellicure Wound Care App can order DME supplies for patients directly from the chart as well as capture and upload wound images using any mobile device.

As an interoperable SMART app inside Cerner’s PowerChart®, the charts and data the clinicians produce with Intellicure’s App will seamlessly flow into your Cerner system, enhancing continuity of care across the organization.

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The Wound App that Optimizes Reimbursements.

By charting with the Intellicure Wound Care App inside of Cerner, your diagnosis codes and E/M levels are guaranteed to match your care documentation. Before signing off a chart with Intellicure, our decision support engines analyze your chart and provide best practice recommendations and quality measure benchmarks.

Intellicure users experience notably higher reimbursement rates and fewer denials on claims because the charts created with the Intellicure Wound Care App are accurate, compliant, and incredibly robust.

Best of all, charting wounds with Intellicure is incredibly fast, enhancing clinical workflow efficiency and allowing the outpatient wound center to improve patient volumes.


Drive Efficiency across the Wound Center

From patient volume and revenue to healing rates and compliance, using Intellicure’s app will greatly improve clinical workflow efficiency across the wound center.

Intellicure was created to help patients receive better care by equipping wound care professionals with technology that ensures compliant documentation and optimal reimbursements. From that foundation, it grew to become the standard for advanced wound centers across America, emphasizing workflow efficiency for both clinical and administrative staffs. Physicians love charting with Intellicure and clinic managers and administrators love the results that Intellicure produces.

Faster Wound Care Charting inside of Cerner

Physicians love these proprietary tools built into Intellicure’s Wound Care App because they save time charting and coding while producing robust, compliant documentation.

Accurate Coding: The Key to a 25% Increase in Revenue

By adding the Intellicure Wound Care App, the average wound center will generate 25% more revenue charting the exact same procedures than in another system … and the center’s documentation will be far more compliant and robust. It all leads back to automatic coding powered by artificial intelligence.

Intellicure’s Wound Care App automatically generates diagnosis and billing codes that lead to the most accurate reimbursements and match the documentation produced by the physician. Not only does this fail-proof method of accurate coding minimize audit risks, it ensures the provider never undercodes; a problem prevalent among wound centers.

Intellicure’s proprietary algorithms find codes that are accurate and will generate optimal reimbursements without the risk of overcoding. No wound center following Intellicure’s charting model has ever been fined as a result of a targeted probe or audit.

The Wound Care App that
Increases Patient Volume

Intellicure’s App facilitates fast wound care documentation processes, maximizing clinical workflow efficiency from the front to desk to the exam room to the back office. With Intellicure, physicians are able to see more patients in less time—roughly 5-8 more patients a day per provider. Couple that faster charting with optimal outcomes and faster healing rates, the wound center’s reputation will grow, cultivating higher volumes.

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Eliminate Audit Risk

Targeted Probe and Educate (TPE) audits often result in fines that include recoupment of at least 3 times the amount of denied charges. Failing a RAC audit or TPE could decimate revenue streams of multiple hospital service lines, not just wound care. However, the initial cause of a TPE audit could be the wound center.

For more than 20 years, no wound center using Intellicure has been fined for inaccurate coding or documentation when following Intellicure’s proprietary wound care charting model, which ensures that every signed chart is complete, compliant, and accurate.

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