We’re working toward something revolutionary to go along with
IntellicureEHR 7. It’s not just the design. It’s not just the speed and security. It’s not just the interoperable app … it’s the way our wonderful customers interact with IntellicureEHR.

For the last nearly 20 years, Intellicure customers have enjoyed our customer support for both small and large tasks within IntellicureEHR. We provide up-front training to our customers, typically on-site. These established services will not change for Intellicure. However, we’re building the new IntellicureEHR 7 with training videos and how-go guides available on each page directly so our customers can quickly find answers to their questions. We’re hoping that the user-friendly atmosphere of the new software, combined with the on-screen video tutorials and help tips, will save customers the hassle of having to stop what they’re doing to call us. Not that we don’t love your calls, we really do and we always welcome them. We just figured you’d probably rather call us a little less often.

We’re also building IntellicureEHR 7 to be more empowering for our users. Our customers spend a lot of time calling us to help with simple tasks they’d probably rather do on their own, like unlocking a locked chart. So we’re giving powers like those to our customers’ user admins to help speed up the process for the clinic. 

Our Customer Care team and trainers will remain available and ready to help. With all the new training and learning tools we’re creating, the transition to a more engaged software should be a breeze!