IntellicureEHR 7 is being built as a “single pane of glass” software, meaning users only log in once to access both our software and our servers. From there, users can access any Intellicure tools they need. But you don’t necessarily want every staff member to have access to your entire IntellicureEHR software, right? To help your clinic maintain HIPAA compliance, we have empowered your system administrator to quickly and easily allow or disallow user access to specific modules within IntellicureEHR 7. At the start of your clinic’s experience, IntellicureEHR 7 assigns user access to modules within the software by the user’s role (i.e. physicians can access the Charting module, while front desk staff cannot). However, we have given your clinic’s program manager or system administrator the ability to change each user’s access to any module based on the workflow needs of the clinic.

Our goal is to make your clinic as efficient as possible while maintaining regulatory compliance. By restricting access on a user level, you can decide for your own clinic which access is minimally necessary for each individual on your team. No more contacting Intellicure Customer Care to disable certain programs for certain employees. You can do it yourself in seconds!