In our past posts of this thrilling countdown, we’ve described the structure of IntellicureEHR 7. We mentioned that our freshly updated wound care EHR will be constructed as a “single pane of glass.” That’s a technical term that means you, our users, will only need to open one window to access every part of the Intellicure software. Up until now, you’ve logged on to our servers and then logged in to our EHR. Then you navigated to the module you wished to open, like IntelliTrak (charting) or the Scheduler. Each module opened a new window and a new program.

Not anymore.

Now you log in one time and you’re taken to a home page with a sidebar menu that contains every module included in your EHR.

So how does a single pane of glass EHR benefit your wound care center?

Ease of Accessing Every Tool and Module

Let’s say you’re charting on a patient when you realize that something isn’t quite right with their demographic information. In many EHRs, you’d have to save the chart, exit the chart, open the patient registration module, locate and open the patient’s demographics, make your edits, then close the patient registration module, open the charting module, locate the patient, locate and open that patient’s chart, and return the spot where you left off.

Sheesh. What a pain … or, rather, what panes!

In IntellicureEHR 7, you’ll switch back and forth between modules much faster than that. To exit a patient’s chart to edit their demographics, all you’d have to do is click on the Patients menu link, select the patient’s name, edit their demographics, then click on the Charting button on the patient’s page. That button, called a quicknav button, takes you to the patient’s charts and you’re right back to charting away.

We’re building little shortcuts like that throughout IntellicureEHR 7 to make your life easier.

“Maintain Context” Throughout the EHR

We’re building IntellicureEHR 7 to “maintain context” throughout the EHR, which is only possible if the software is built as a single pane of glass. Maintaining context means that the point you’re at in a chart is automatically saved and, essentially, carried with you should you navigate to the Documents module in the EHR. So if you’re working on Patient A’s chart and then click on the Documents menu item, the software will automatically know you’re looking for Patient A’s documents and direct you to them.

Speed, Efficiency

We already described an example of how a single pane of glass will improve your clinical charting speed. But the very concept of a single pane of glass improves speed of your computer as well. Instead of opening multiple programs, you’re only using one light, browser-based program. So, every page you load—every line of artificial intelligence generated in IntellicureEHR 7—hits you faster.

Minimized Complexity, Maximized Efficiency

It’s a simple thought: it’s easier to understand a software that looks familiar and acts familiar. We’re building the EHR in a single pane of glass with every module designed to look similar. So, as you use it and become familiarized with the colors, buttons, fonts, and actions, you’ll find every facet of the EHR easier to use. We’re simplifying the whole thing just for you.

Easy Access to On-Page Training

Those who experienced the drastic design changes Microsoft made between Windows 7 and Windows 8 might hyperventilate when they see screenshots of IntellicureEHR 7 because it looks so much different than our version 6. We hope you’re beginning to see that this updated look will make things much easier for your clinic from the get-go. But if you get stuck along the way, we’ve included help/tip buttons and a Training Portal that can guide you as you use IntellicureEHR 7. Because it’s a single pane of glass, you can access these easy-to-follow training materials without having to exit the module you’re in.

Ease of Deploying Future Tools/Modules

As you know, Intellicure sometimes creates new tools and modules that further maximize clinical efficiency within your wound center, like when we built the Quality Dashboard to help improve your quality scores for CMS’ Quality Payment Programs. Since IntellicureEHR 7 will be a single pane of glass, we can easily deploy new tools and modules into the software that users can quickly receive and learn, rather than asking you to download a new update.

Needless to say, IntellicureEHR 7 will improve your wound clinic’s efficiency and reduce physician burnout.