Intellicure built its wound care and podiatry EHR with clinical efficiency in mind from start to finish. We’re placing extra focus on that finish with IntellicureEHR 7.

IntellicureEHR 7 will include some new functionality to its charting process, including a page displaying multiple signatory participants and a Signature History section. We recognize that sometimes mistakes aren’t caught in your charting documentation until after you’ve signed the chart. With IntellicureEHR 7, you can set a time limit for when a clinician can un-sign and re-open the chart to make changes. If you signed the chart, you can un-sign it with that set time limit (usually 72 hours), make necessary edits to the chart, and re-sign it. On that same Signature page, you can quickly view which clinical staff still needs to sign the chart prior to processing.

Seems like Intellicure has thought of everything for this new wound care EHR, eh?