Better Healing Rates.
Better Outcomes.
Better Payments.

Data from hundreds of thousands of wounds powers Intellicure’s artificial intelligence and clinical decision support, improving healing rates, patient outcomes, and payer reimbursements.

Using Past Wound Data to Help Your Physicians Make Treatment Decisions

When you chart in IntellicureEHR, the data you provide solves problems. At the point of care in that patient encounter, artificial intelligence suggests which ICD-10 codes and which E/M levels are the most appropriate. The data also triggers specific CMS quality measures and alerts to ensure you meet CMS Quality Payment Programs like MIPS and achieve better physician reimbursements from both your Medicare allowable and from commercial payers.

But your charting data goes further than that.

IntellicureEHR is a peer-reviewed “Learning Healthcare System,” the only one of its kind, in which the experience of every patient can help the medical community better understand diseases and the effectiveness of treatments. Information from your routine clinical care helps create databases that are used for Comparative Effectiveness Research by the US Wound Registry, the results of which are built into our EHR’s “clinical decision support” tools to guide current and future care.

As you chart in Intellicure, our algorithms incorporate evidence-based care suggestions specific to the patient you’re treating and present them right there in the chart. As a basic example, a patient presents with a diabetic foot ulcer. When you arrive to the Decision Support page of the chart, you’re presented with a few reminders, like to send for a Hemoglobin A1c lab test, which you can order right there in the chart. Plus, it’s all compiled in the documentation automatically as you chart.

These evidence-based clinical suggestions advise you specifically about what actions you could take today to improve healing rates and outcomes. The suggestions are compiled from CMS-chosen medical journals.

By utilizing these tools, IntellicureEHR users have enjoyed better healing rates, patient outcomes, and better payer reimbursements.

Make the easy switch to the wound care EHR that improves the lives of your patients.

Improve Quality Scores & Reimbursements with Clinical Decision Support

“Intellicure’s Clinical Decision Support tools improved my Quality Scores and helped avoid a MIPS penalty.”

— Sherrill White-Wolfe, Director of Wound Care
CHI St. Luke’s, The Woodlands, TX