Watch Session 3 of the Intellicure Webinar Series: Keeping Your Payments — After An Audit — Is In Your Control

October 24, 2022

On Wed., Oct. 19, Dr. Caroline Fife and Kathleen D. Schaum presented the third session of Intellicure’s free, interactive webinar series “Keeping Your Payments — After An Audit — Is In Your Control.” This session was about “Internal Auditing Might Do The Trick.” The recording is below.

Don’t miss the fourth session on Oct. 26 titled “There Are Resources To Help!” Click here to register for the webinar series if you haven’t already.

Zach Zavoral

Prior to joining Intellicure as its Director of Marketing & Communications, Mr. Zavoral served as the Vice President of Marketing & Communications for a healthcare system in Texas and Oklahoma. He has also led marketing efforts for a variety of medical products.

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