WATCH THIS: Trends in Wound Care Audits & Denials, with Dr. Caroline Fife and Dr. Helen Gelly

Wound Care Charge Denials Webinar

Last week, Dr. Caroline Fife and Dr. Helen Gelly enjoyed a relaxed, unscripted conversation about trends in wound care audits and charge denials with a live audience Q&A. You can watch the recording of the conversation and Q&A below. Please remember to subscribe to the Intellicure Blog for more content like this.

You can also find the audio of this event on Google Podcasts by searching for the Intellicure Wound Care Podcast.

The following documents were discussed during the conversation:

Zach Zavoral

Prior to joining Intellicure as its Director of Marketing & Communications, Mr. Zavoral served as the Vice President of Marketing & Communications for a healthcare system in Texas and Oklahoma. He has also led marketing efforts for a variety of medical products.

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