2016: Wound Care Billing

Intellicure launches its comprehensive wound care billing service for private practices and physicians.

2011: The Wound Healing Index

In conjunction with the US Wound Registry, Intellicure creates the Wound Healing Index, a digital repository of wound healing data capable of stratification and mining.

2011: Launch of OrderTrak

An innovative new tool is added to IntellicureEHR called OrderTrak, which helps wound care staff order durable medical equipment (DME) for patients directly from the chart with a single click. All justifying documentation is created automatically based on charting...

2011: Addition of “Cost to Heal” Models

A fruitful exercise in reading the tea leaves, Intellicure constructs a “Cost to Heal” model that evaluates and predicts the financial charges accumulated to fully heal an individual wound. This model would become further groundbreaking as CMS rolls out its cost...