My Hospital has an EHR. Why Does My Wound Center Need IntellicureEHR?

To put it plainly, with IntellicureEHR, your outpatient wound center will generate more revenue compliantly while achieving better outcomes and improving workflows. Scroll down to read how.

Why Your Outpatient Wound Clinic Needs IntellicureEHR

1. Better Healing Rates. Better Outcomes. Better Payments.

There’s a reason hundreds of hospital outpatient wound facilities use IntellicureEHR instead of—or in conjunction with—their hospital’s EHR. Those hundreds of wound care centers rank atop CMS’ listings for quality care. Here’s why …

No other EHR can capture the complete record of a wound care visit. We’re not just taking wound measurements and sizes. Most wounds are just a symptom of an underlying problem or disease, and IntellicureEHR understands that. Our EHR captures the patient’s entire health status in addition to the wound data and applies that data toward generating diagnosis codes and E/M levels automatically.

To take it one step further, Intellicure incorporates the patient’s data to generate applicable, evidence-based clinical decision suggestions that improve the patient’s treatment and the documentation of the physician’s care.
With a fully documented, evidence-based treatment plan automatically created for every patient, your wound care clinic will see increased healing rates, patient outcomes, and quality scores, not to mention a boost in reimbursements because payers pay more for full, complete documentation. No hospital EHR can do that in the wound center.


2. Guaranteed Compliance, No Audit Risks

In case you haven’t heard, Intellicure guarantees that you won’t get fined for charting errors or discrepancies. Your hospital EHR definitely doesn’t guarantee that. We make that promise because Intellicure’s chart documentation is generated automatically as the physician makes selections from various options in IntellicureEHR. Therefore, every option selected, and every treatment prescribed is automatically and completely recorded with justifying documentation. We guarantee it. No Intellicure customer has ever been fined for insufficient documentation while using IntellicureEHR. Our customers love our worry-free charting and you will too.


3. End Physician Burnout

Intellicure was literally built by a practicing wound care physician and a wound care clinic manager to accomplish the goal of making life easier. That goal remains today as Intellicure adds new time-saving tools that improve clinical workflows without disrupting administrative tasks.

You’ve never seen an EHR intentionally built to make the physician and the administrator both happy. IntellicureEHR allows for substantially reduced charting times, so physicians actually complete their charts during clinic hours and enjoy a healthier work-life balance.


4. Improved Workflow

Imagine if your wound clinic director could dream up all the features an EHR could have that would make their clinic run more efficiently. IntellicureEHR makes that a reality because that’s exactly what it is: an EHR built to improve workflows throughout the facility, from automatic documentation to in-chart DME ordering.

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