Diagnosis: Your EHR is Causing EHR Fatigue. Consider Switching to IntellicureEHR.

Based on the symptoms you’re experiencing, your EHR is driving your wound clinic staff crazy. Consider switching to IntellicureEHR 7, a revamped version of our award-winning wound care software. Here’s a breakdown of how IntellicureEHR can cure your EHR Fatigue.

Spend 0 Hours A Day Charting After Clinic

Discover life after clinic hours! With IntellicureEHR, doctors have the ability to finish their charts while with the patient, which means no more charting after hours. And those quickly completed charts are actually more complete and accurate than wound charts done with any other EHR. Schedule a demo of our charting method here.

Chart However You Want To Chart

We built IntellicureEHR to make charting easy for any doctor. You can go in the order of our charting menu, or you can jump around in the chart whenever and wherever you want without having to close out or re-open the chart! It’s the natural, time-saving, headache-killing charting method. Schedule a demo of our charting method here.

Accurate, Automatically Generated E/M Levels

This is something you really have to see. Based on the selections you make throughout the chart, IntellicureEHR automatically generates the most accurate E/M Level for the encounter and provides a table that lets you see how that E/M Level was calculated. The doctor can then go back and add or subtract elements from the chart to alter the E/M Level before signing off on the encounter. It’s the only technology of its kind and it makes life so much easier for the doctor. Schedule a demo of our updated E/M Level table here.

Elimination of Repetitive Tasks

IntellicureEHR writes your documentation for you, writes DME orders for you, writes Care Plans for you, and automatically meets the requirements of payers and compliance officers so that the doctor doesn’t have to worry about it. Can you feel the weight lifted from your shoulders? Click here to schedule a live demo.

Evidence-Based Clinical Decision Support Built-In

Imagine treating a patient knowing that your care decision is sufficiently documented because it’s supported by the data and evidence of millions of wounds from the US Wound Registry, the world’s largest repository of clinical wound data. Click here to see how it works.

Automatic ICD-10 Coding

IntellicureEHR automatically generates an ICD-10 code for the diagnosis you choose in every chart. And it’s accurate. Always. Guaranteed. Click here to see it in action.

Automatic MIPS Quality Score Tracking And Reporting

Members of the Intellicure Network rank among the elite physicians in Medicare’s MIPS program, and all members receive a MIPS bonus increase to their Medicare reimbursements. With our Individual Quality Scorecard, IntellicureEHR shows the doctor what they can do in the chart to improve their MIPS Quality scores at the end of every chart. These insights on an individual patient level are only available through Intellicure. Click here to schedule a demonstration of it!

Keeping Doctors Updated

Intellicure takes every effort to ensure physicians meet the latest regulatory standards automatically. We consider it our job to help the doctor stay above board without them even trying. See our wound care software in action by scheduling a demo here.

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