Majority of Intellicure Network Physicians Earn a Perfect Score in 2019 MIPS Reports

Additionally, more than 97% of Network Members achieved “Exceptional Performer” recognition by Medicare, proving the group’s commitment to quality wound care.

THE WOODLANDS, Texas (April 29, 2020) — Intellicure has revealed the 2019 MIPS Preliminary Scores earned by members of the Intellicure Network, an organization of like-minded wound care physicians committed to quality patient care and improved measurable outcomes.

An extraordinary 97.5% of Intellicure Network physicians surpassed the “Exceptional Performance” threshold, which is set at 70 points and results in a 0.5% Medicare reimbursement increase on top of the 2019 MIPS bonus of up to 7%. Therefore, these elite wound care physicians may see their Medicare payments increase by 7.5% as a result of their optimal MIPS scores.

Just as impressive, 78% of Intellicure Network physicians earned a perfect score of 100% in their 2019 MIPS reporting.

“We are immensely proud of our Network members for their commitment to quality wound care,” said Matt Pine, Chief Operating Officer of Intellicure. “They made extra efforts every day to serve their patients better, and their quality care scores prove it.”

The Intellicure Network was created to unite wound care physicians dedicated to providing better and more predictable outcomes. Its impact is validated by the unmatched performance of these doctors in Medicare’s MIPS, as well as their 10% improvement on healing rates. Intellicure Network members use tools found exclusively inside IntellicureEHR, the leading wound care software, to improve their quality scores and track their performance against national benchmarks validated by the US Wound Registry.

To learn more about the Intellicure Network, visit Intellicure.com/Network or call (800) 603-7896.