New Feature in Wound Care Software Fills Patients’ Shopping Carts with Physician-Recommended Nutrition

Intellicure’s latest innovation cuts charting time for physicians while facilitating quality wound care outcomes and fostering patient satisfaction.

THE WOODLANDS, Texas (June 21, 2021) — Wound care physicians often struggle to ensure patients receive the proper nutrition to accelerate wound healing. Intellicure is fighting that struggle by providing physicians unique tools that place recommended nutritional supplements in the hands of patients.

Intellicure already automated the prescribing and ordering of medications and durable medical equipment inside its wound care EHR and its recently released SMART wound care app. However, certain nutritional supplements that are clinically proven to support wound management in some patients are sold over the counter. Often these supplement names and quantities are written down for the patient to purchase on their own time, leaving the physician to wonder if the patient ordered the correct products and quantities needed for a speedy recovery.

Intellicure’s latest innovation includes a feature inside its popular wound care EHR and wound care app that empowers physicians to—with a single click—fill a patient’s online shopping cart with recommended nutritional supplements that help patients achieve successful wound healing. From there, the patient receives an email with instructions on completing the checkout process.

“Our mission has always been to help wound care physicians treat patients efficiently,” said Matt Pine, Chief Operating Officer of Intellicure. “This capability will help physicians provide wound care patients with the nutrition and education they need to optimize healing and clinical outcomes. We’ve collaborated with Nestlé Health Science on this initiative and look forward to seeing our patients have great clinical outcomes.”


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