Ever been waist-deep in your day at the clinic when suddenly your EHR stops working? It’s a total nightmare for everyone involved.

The frost desk and referral clerks scramble to find notepads for keeping track of that day’s appointments. In some cases, the doctors may just quit for the day and ask the staff to call scheduled patients to cancel appointments.

If the clinical staff decides to stay and work through it, they must locate their paper chart templates and make copies. The physicians and other providers spend their time with each patient frantically writing down illegible notes, or they bring an MA with them to the exam room who does their best to capture everything the patient and doctor say.

Meanwhile, patients experience much longer waiting times, deal with frustrated staff, and in many cases, their appointments are canceled. Patient satisfaction hits an all-time low.

At the end of that nightmarish day, if the clinic wants to get paid for any of the work they’ve done, they still have to enter all their paper notes into the EHR when it’s back online.

When your EHR goes down for more than a second, everyone feels it.

Intellicure users have never experienced the mayhem of their EHR going down for more than a couple minutes, whereas other wound care EHRs went down for 4+ days a few months ago.

How IntellicureEHR 7 Ensures Uptime

Uptime is when the software is live, online, and accessible. Downtime is the opposite. Intellicure’s service contract commits to 99.5% uptime 24/7/365.
Up to this point, Intellicure has pledged large financial resources toward protecting the stability and security of our on-site encrypted servers. They’re physically secured behind 3 locked doors. They’re also digitally secured behind multiple encrypted firewalls. We run constant penetration tests to validate our PHI security and our system uptime.

But we’re ditching that old system because it’s too costly and too slow.

Our soon-to-come update to IntellicureEHR 7 includes a full transition to a new server environment provided by Microsoft Azure. Azure’s server security is second-to-none, which is why hundreds of healthcare entities use Azure for their PHI data storage.

Our Azure environment will include multiple, constant data backups on servers all over the nation. So if ransomware attacked the Azure servers that house our data and software—which would normally be catastrophic for thousands of hyper-secure companies—Intellicure customers wouldn’t even notice because IntellicureEHR 7 would instantly switch over to another Azure server that hasn’t been attacked and where your data is already backed up. Our uptime will remain nearly perfect and our data remains encrypted and secure. If Azure somehow lost our data to an attacker, the encryption in place ensures no PHI would be breached. Nothing would truly be lost because it’s constantly backed up on other Azure servers.

How Azure’s Speed Affects Your Clinic

IntellicureEHR 7’s speed isn’t just some marketing gimmick. We built this new update in Azure with speed specifically in mind. We want your clinic operating at top efficiency, without staff spending hours a day waiting for the EHR to save data or load the next page. And definitely not working with paper charts and other outdated systems.

Time is Money

Take a stopwatch to one of your clinical employees or physicians. Time them every time they click “Save” or “Next” in the EHR and see how long it takes for the next page to load. With most EHRs at most clinics, each page load takes about 10 seconds. Now, how many EHR pages does one employee load every day? 10? 50? 100? 500? Let’s conservatively say they click Save or Next 50 times a day. At 10 seconds per page load, that’s 8 minutes a day per employee spent waiting on the EHR. Now multiply that by the size of your staff. If you have 7 employees, that’s 56 minutes a day wasted waiting for the EHR. Now multiply that by the 250-ish days a year your clinic is open. You’re looking at a loss of 233+ labor hours a year spent waiting for the EHR to load. Labor hours cost money. Slow EHRs also wear down quality practitioners and lead to physician burnout.

IntellicureEHR 7 promises to be among the fastest EHRs in America, cutting lost labor hours in half at least, and reducing physician burnout with a speedy and easy-to-use user experience.

Security, Uptime, and Speed. Intellicure is changing the game for healthcare.