Building an EHR from the ground up is hard work! Granted, we’ve done it before and we have most of the pieces already created. But when building the latest wound care EHR on a web-based platform, we have to reconfigure a lot of our award-winning software.

This week we cleared one of the last major hurdles in building IntellicureEHR 7: the Problems and Procedures data and algorithms. As our users may know, IntellicureEHR comes equipped with wound data preloaded in the EHR, making it easy and fast for physicians to chart. All they do is select options from drop-down lists that are loaded instantly as you select a previous option. For example, at the start of an IntellicureEHR chart, you select the Reason for Visit. If you chose a Diabetic Foot Ulcer, Intellicure asks where the DFU is located. You choose the location, it asks for the severity, and so on and so forth. These options are built by wound care professionals and based on evidence provided by the US Wound Registry. It’s faster than normal charting and produces dozens of time-saving, reimbursement-optimizing results for your clinic.

Essentially, this week we finished loading all of those dependent charting options within version 7 of the EHR. That’s akin to dropping an engine into a car. Needless to say, we’re super eager to slam on that gas pedal and show off this beautiful car … er, EHR.