Intellicure prides itself as one of the few EHRs created by a practicing physician and clinic manager. As such, we created our award-winning software to serve the needs of the doctor, the payers, the regulators, the clinic administration, and especially the patient.

According to a study published by the US National Library of Medicine, “physician burnout is reaching crisis proportions in the US.” We’ve built IntellicureEHR, and especially the new version 7, to combat physician burnout.

Here’s a list of what the study found to cause physician burnout, and how IntellicureEHR may be the only EHR specifically built to minimize it.

Loss of Autonomy

The study states that due to medical reimbursement policies, physicians feel like medicine has become a “Fixing People Production Line”. At Intellicure, we couldn’t agree more. We created IntellicureEHR to help the doctor treat patients, no matter their style of doing so. Some enjoy following our proprietary, faster charting method with the patient because it saves so much time. Others enjoy writing their notes and making their care decisions later, while doing what’s necessary during the encounter to ensure proper documentation. That’s what’s great about IntellicureEHR: the clinic still enjoys all the benefits of the system regardless of how the doctor charts.

What else causes physician burnout?

Too much screen time

So true. That’s why Intellicure made its EHR charting process capable of being interactive between the doctor and the patient. Think of it like this: if there were no EHRs, the doctor would (and most do) ask the patient questions and write the answers on a notepad or a paper chart. With IntellicureEHR, the questions and answers are right there on the tablet or laptop. The doctor can work with the patient face-to-face while recording responses in a manner that flows like a normal visit.

Rules. Way too many rules.

Every single action a doctor takes is held to some sort of rule. Remember your strict grade school teacher with her endless list of rules (and maybe a ruler in hand to keep you in line)? Doctors treat patients with a dozen of those grade school teachers watching every move. The hospital tells them to up-code, to hurry up, to follow HIPAA regulations. They have to follow ACO compliance, payer compliance, and quality scores. They have to do everything perfectly or else they won’t get reimbursed fully and they’ll lose thousands of dollars to an audit.

That’s why doctors love Intellicure: it satisfies all the demands doctors face, effectively removing those grade school teachers with all their rules. IntellicureEHR codes for the doctor automatically and accurately, including E/M levels. IntellicureEHR 7 is fast and helps the doctor move from patient to patient quicker, if they choose to do so. As part of the Intellicure Network, doctors don’t even have to worry about CMS quality scores and MIPS because Intellicure does it for them. And best of all, Intellicure makes the audit worries disappear because no Intellicure doctor has ever been fined for poor documentation as the result of an audit.

Intellicure erases those nagging teachers and lifts the weight off your shoulders.

That Darned EHR

The study found that EHRs cause physician burnout. EHRs that require doctors to chart for hours every day, EHRs that don’t share data with each other, EHRs that were designed to facilitate billing and not patient care.

IntellicureEHR is not one of those EHRs. Intellicure’s charting process is faster than others and allows the doctor to chart naturally with the patient. No more night charting. Intellicure not only interfaces with other EHRs, it has developed the first ever interoperable wound care EHR app capable of being used inside other EHRs. Intellicure wasn’t designed specifically to facilitate billing; it was designed to prioritize patient care while meeting payer demands. Of course, Intellicure can manage your wound care and podiatry physician billing as well.

If you want to reduce physician burnout and make your doctors happier, consider switching to IntellicureEHR.