The Intellicure Training Portal is live!

The Intellicure Training Portal is another module within IntellicureEHR 7 that demonstrates our commitment to helping wound care clinics become more efficient.

The Future Intellicure Training Portal
Within the next year or so, the Intellicure Training Portal will allow Intellicure customers to create and implement their very own training courses on any topic they wish to deploy to their staff. Over the years we’ve learned that many clinics struggle with creating their training materials, whether for annual HIPAA training, new employee training, or simply just training staff on a new process or software. So Intellicure decided to build a tool that makes training easy. Users will soon be able to build their own courses and certificate programs within the Training Portal, add their own training videos and documents, and even create various kinds of questions for quizzes. Users will also be able to track which employees have taken the courses, and what scores they received on quizzes.

We’re expecting that our customers will love the simplicity and value of the Intellicure Training Portal and use it often for their own training programs.

The Current Intellicure Training Portal
For now, the Intellicure Training Portal is the home of all things IntellicureEHR 7. It is where customers can read user manuals and how-to guides about everything in the software. They can also access all the new Intellicure training videos that show how to use virtually everything inside IntellicureEHR 7.

As we inch closer to the release of IntellicureEHR 7, we will introduce new modules with training available in the Training Portal. Many current Intellicure customers learned this month about an important update to the Intellicure e-prescribing system, and they received training on that update through the Intellicure Training Portal.

The Training Portal will always be just one click away in the new IntellicureEHR 7 software; housed on the main menu. So whenever a user gets stuck on something they don’t understand in the software, they can just click over to the Training Portal and find the applicable guides or videos and become unstuck.

If you are a current Intellicure user, your program manager or Intellicure administrator has received emails about how to access and use the Training Portal. Please refer to those emails.