With the update to IntellicureEHR 7, we’re able to re-build many of our modules in the manner that we know will benefit our customers the most. This is most true with our Reports module.

We’ve found that generating valuable, actionable reports from the wound care EHR is tantamount for the clinic program directors and managers, especially at outpatient wound centers where the directors answer to hospital administrators.

We have always taken great pride in the clean, precise data that IntellicureEHR generates as a result of our unique approach to charting. But with the update to IntellicureEHR 7, we’ve taken our reports to the next level.

Customized Reports

Our updated Reports module empowers you with report models you can choose from to represent your data. You can customize your reports, your charts, your graphs, all from within IntellicureEHR 7.

It’s a little frustrating to download a report only to import it into Excel and create a pie chart or a line graph. With the update to IntellicureEHR 7, you’ll now be able to automatically download charts and graphs inside our Reports module. It’s quicker and easier, thus saving you some time and frustrations.

Speed of Generating and Downloading Reports

Everything about IntellicureEHR 7 is blazing fast, including the time it takes to generate a report. In fact, it won’t even feel like you’re generating a report; it’ll feel like you’re simply opening a table of data that already exists. Another factor that improves the speed of the Reports module is how easy it is to use and navigate. Parameters are easily set and data is easily sortable. The updated Reports module will feel more like tinkering with a spreadsheet than sifting through complex databases.

Should you prefer to download a report and tinker with it inside Excel, you can do so quickly with one click. You’ll be able to download a report to a .CSV, Excel file, or PDF straight to your desktop instead of generating an export file and locating it in a server database to download it.

Allow Access of Specific Reports to Specific Users

With the update, your administrative user will now be able to set permissions for reports on an individual level. Specific reports can be locked to individual users, or user roles, as the administrator sees fit. This kind of custom user access at the user level is unique to Intellicure.

Quick Help Tips to Identify What a Report Means

What we call one thing may not be what you call it. Some terminology differs across our user clinics. And sometimes, for the sake of easy viewing, we abbreviate the heading of a data column. With the updated Reports module, we’ve included a little Help button that quickly links to various data heading definitions.