Intellicure customers love IntellicureEHR. And we love them for loving us. But one thing our customers always ask us for is the ability to have multiple users in one chart simultaneously. Will our fancy new IntellicureEHR 7 software finally meet this request?

Answer: Yes, eventually. But not right away. Here’s the backstory …

A couple other wound care EHRs allow for multiple users to access one chart simultaneously. However, doing so places the clinic at risk for charting errors because the wound record cannot be saved correctly while two people or more edit it.

In Intellicure’s quest for audit-proof documentation, we deliberately chose not to allow multiple users to access our charts simultaneously. We feel that we made the right choice. We recently had a customer of another wound care of EHR switch to Intellicure because they had charting errors resulting from multiple users in the chart.

We decided long ago that we would only allow multiple users simultaneously in the same chart when we could build several safeguards in place to ensure the highest level of documentation compliance. We also only wanted to build this feature when we could allow our user managers the ability to toggle the feature on and off themselves. Say, for example, Dr. Smith doesn’t mind her nurse adding details to the chart while she does the same, but Dr. Anderson feels differently. When we release the feature, user managers will be able to make those customizations themselves.

Additionally, we’re building the multi-user feature to show users when someone else is working in the same chart, and to ask for permission to edit the chart together before allowing them to do so.

Intellicure customers: We will include that feature eventually. But it will not be ready when you convert to IntellicureEHR 7 in early 2020. And besides, you’ll want to learn the new software before we throw that kind of multi-user power at you!