We get it. Sometimes doctors like to type. You’ve been programmed to think that a chart is pages and pages of your own writing. So even though IntellicureEHR makes manual charting a thing of the past, you still want to type your own notes.

Within IntellicureEHR, physicians and case managers don’t have to type anything if they don’t want to. IntellicureEHR captures the complete chart and writes all documentation for you based on the selections you make throughout the chart.

But what if you’d like to add additional notes or comments to the patient’s chart? What if you’re a glutton for punishment who enjoys typing your charts? What if you want to ignore the time-saving, audit-proof charting system that Intellicure provides?

That’s okay. We’ve made our Physician Comments tool easy, fast, and hyper-efficient as well.

In our Physician Comments tool, you can type out your own notes, and you can quickly view previous notes you’ve written about that patient and carry those notes over into the new chart without having to leave the chart you’re in. Or better yet, you can simply click on pre-written Macros that automatically write comments for you! You can write your own notes once and never have to write them again! You can write your documentation without typing a single word yourself!

Check out how fast and easy it is to write chart notes using our Physician Comments tool! Note that we have blurred any actual text to protect proprietary content.