How the Tiniest Details Impact Wound Care Revenue & Revenue Cycle Management

November 10, 2021
Revenue Cycle Management

In the world of Revenue Cycle Management, attention to detail is no laughing matter. A seemingly minor error can lead to decreased reimbursement, cash flow delays, patient dissatisfaction and complete denial of payment.

Fortunately, clearly defined and adhered-to policies and procedures with focus on attention to detail at registration can significantly decrease the incidence of these avoidable errors.

Here are the items to review at check-in of EVERY visit:

  • Date of birth:
    Incorrect date of birth with automatically deny a claim, creating a delay in payment
  • Mailing address:
    Work smarter not harder – make sure statements for patient responsibility after insurance payment are going to be mailed to the correct location!
  • Best contact number:
    Many errors can easily be corrected with one phone call to the patient – but not if the patient can’t be reached
  • Copy of current insurance card on file:
    Front – The patient’s name in registration should match carrier records exactly to avoid delay in payment. If the Medicare verification shows patient as “John D. Smith,” his registration as “Joe Smith” should be changed to match Medicare’s record
    Back – Besides including the insurance carrier’s provider contact number this piece of information can be essential in directing if claims should be submitted to the local entity or a national division

Nancy Weaver

The Medical Billing Account Manager at Intellicure, Ms. Weaver has worked in the medical field for 20 years with more than 10 years of directed experience in medical billing, quality improvement, and practice management.

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