IntellicureEHR 7 Built to Withstand Cyber Attacks, Extended Downtime

As other wound care EHRs experience extended service disruptions, Intellicure reveals its plans for fortified cyber security and system backups.

THE WOODLANDS, Texas (July 31, 2019) — As if building America’s most intuitive wound care EHR wasn’t enough, Intellicure has announced that its latest software version, IntellicureEHR 7, will be hosted in Microsoft’s Azure cloud environment. With multi-layered security across physical datacenters, IntellicureEHR on Azure will be among the most secure systems available, with backup protocols to avoid extended downtime.

Intellicure began implementing these added measures in 2018, but decided to announce its efforts in preparation for the release of IntellicureEHR 7. Intellicure’s approach to security and data protection ensures its world-class wound care EHR is fortified against malicious cyber security attacks.

This announcement of additional security measures and server backups comes at a crucial time in the healthcare technology marketplace. Last week, for example, wound care EHRs WoundExpert (by Net Health) and i-heal (a private label version of WoundExpert exclusively used by Healogics) both publicly shared that they experienced “major service disruptions, forcing thousands of wound care clinics across the country to revert to paper charting for multiple days.

With Intellicure’s new security and backup protocols, if anything were to go wrong, the EHR could return to working order almost immediately.

“Accurate, secure patient data helps clinicians treat patients and heal wounds. Without patient data available, or by not recording patient data, the quality of care drops.” said Dr. Caroline Fife, Chief Medical Officer of Intellicure and Medical Director at St. Luke’s Wound Clinic. “Intellicure captures the right, relevant wound data better than anyone, and its security is second to none.”

IntellicureEHR 7 will feature a web-based, user-friendly interface built in Microsoft’s secure Azure environment in the cloud, proving Intellicure’s commitment to enhanced cyber security, limited downtime, and faster load speeds. Intellicure’s current system uptime rate is 99.9%.

“We try to make our customers’ lives easier,” said Matt Pine, Chief Operating Officer of Intellicure. “Our solutions support doctors in healing patients, allowing them to provide optimal results with less time at the computer, rather than getting in the way and causing workflow disruptions.”

In addition to extensive security, IntellicureEHR 7 will include several new time-saving features to help wound care facilities improve healing rates and patient outcomes while automatically documenting the data necessary for a complete chart. Intellicure will begin announcing details of those new features in the coming weeks, with the expectation of IntellicureEHR 7’s core product becoming available for implementation this Fall.

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