Physician Reimbursement Calculator

How much money are you leaving on the table? Fill out the form below and we’ll instantly show you how much of your Medicare and Commercial Reimbursements never reach your wallet.*

Don’t believe it? It’s true! Intellicure customers typically receive 95% of their Medicare allowable reimbursements. And their practice is backed by the Intellicure Audit Defense Guarantee, which promises your documentation and automatic ICD-10 coding will always be accurate and audit-proof. For more information, browse our website, email, or call (800) 603-7896.

*The information provided in this calculator is pulled from publicly available CMS data. This Calculator then estimates your commercial payments and reimbursements based on the information you provide, the CMS data associated with your practice, and general industry benchmarks.
The information labeled “Actual” is provided by CMS. The information labeled “Calculculated” is an estimate that Intellicure expects to be relatively accurate. For more information on how we calculate these figures, please contact