MACRA Integrated Quality Scorecard (IQS)

Monitor and Manage Your Performance

Thriving in today's Pay-for-Quality environment driven by MACRA and MIPS is difficult. It's no longer enough for providers to submit a PQRS report at the end of the year or attest to Meaningful Use. Under MIPS physicians must actively manage to quality measures throughout the year, and then demonstrate how well they did against their peers. What that means is, to get reimbursed, it does not matter how well you did... what matters is your ability to prove it and show how that compares with the benchmark.

MIPS performance benchmarkTo make this process achievable, Intellicure developed the Integrated Quality Scorecard (IQS). This proprietary tool allows physicians to know in real-time how they are performing under MIPS, both at the patient level during the charting process and overall as a provider against the benchmark.

Knowing is half the battle… physicians also need an easy way to make adjustments. The Measure Optimizer lets them see how they are performing against the measures they’ve selected, as well as the ones they have not. This provides the insight needed to decide which measures best suit their patient population and if they need to make an adjustment. The Measure Optimizer gives doctors the ability to change the measures on the spot!

Because IntellicureEHR has direct integration into the US Wound and US Podiatry Registries, providers have access to quality measures that are relevant to Wound Care and Podiatry. Without access to measures specific to their specialty providers will find it very difficult to perform above the benchmarks used to determine reimbursement.